2nd September

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The continued lack of any decent football today meant it was another time to have a look at some more casino offers.

Glad I did as the Coral montly Blackjack deal pulled in a very tasty £32 profit and also picked up the Eurobet Game of the Week offer on Kings HILO. This is a £10 bonus but such an easy game that I even made 91p on the wagering so £10.91 profit for 15 mins work was a decent enough return.

Onto the sports side, just one for me today and in all the excitement of the start of a new month I completely missed start of the Betfair multiples Cashback offer. Would have been £40 for 4 days of £20 trebles but I missed days 1 and 2, doh! Never mind, jumped in on day 3 (2 x £20 for £20 deal). Dead easy, 3 selections under evens, in a £20 treble, underlay each one as I go so either a small loss each day (with the £20 cashback to come) or a nice “Brucie Bonus” if I get a treble up. Out in the first horse today, for a £2.50 loss. Same again tomorrow, so should be £15 profit in this at least!

Also we will see some decent football to get stuck into on Friday, well if you can call it that as England are playing, so hopefully a few more offers will appear and I can also start cashing in the bet770 offer too.

To keep things easier I will just add the profits as the offers I do are complete. For example no point sticking the £2.50 Betfair loss in until the offer is done by which time it will be a positive.

Only positive news on this blog!!!

Today’s Profit: £42.91

Month To Date: £78.91



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