29th September

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OK, this really is the final countdown……. A good day today, pushing us higher and higher into profit, great stuff.

Actually started the day with a loss. Yes lost £3.53 on the horses cashback today, as I actually managed to pick the first winner in a treble, then tried to clever by underlaying the 2nd thinking I could be in for a bigger payout if I got the third leg, doh! Me and horses, we have never got on well. Anyway no harm done and we have one more day to go to collect the £40 cashback, at this rate that will be around £28 profit.

Had another dabble on the footy multiples too, netted £15.71 this time, thanks to some “tactical” underlaying once again. started off with Barca (who blew out straight away), but my other 4 selections came in, meaning I get a £50 refund from Betfair, after being £34.29 down from the wagering.

Cashed out my Paddypower freebet for £5.02 profit and secured another £7.07 one this time (god those limits annoy me, doesn’t a bookie want to make any money) for just 89p.

Had an offer from Tower Gaming, not used them for a while, for a Free $10 bet, secured for just 57p, well would be rude not too.

A little off topic but equally effective was the Eurobet monthly casino bonus, well things have been going so well, I thought I would have a dabble. Euro Roulette is good, 55x wagering for a £50 bonus, so I deployed the Red / Even strategy which shows up as +EV on this level of wagering. Sure enough, £2750 of wagering later we have unlocked the £50 bonus for an overall £17 profit, hurrah. Just looking for any other “exitsing user” casino deals for this month, see if we can end on a flourish.

Well there we are, 1 day to go, £34.82 needed to break the £1K mark, but we have at least £40 coming from Betfair (horses cashback), I would say £5 from the Paddypower free bet and similar from TowerGaming, plus whatever else I can rustle up. Right better get onto it!

Today’s Profit: – £32.74

Month To Date: £965.18



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