13th June

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Not about too much so my offers will be limited to tonight’s Germany / Aussie game. And I have done the Ladbrokes Goal-ore offer already featuring Klose this time, should be able to lock-in a couple of quid nearer to ko.

Will also look at startring my VC inplay bets, maybe some casino action and of course Jackpotjoy and anything else I spot when I get back home.

Also the Germany game could be a nice trading game too. Secured an easy £14 on the Argentina game yesterday thanks to the Nugget trade of the day, £35 in the first 2 days of the WC on low stakes is a great start and I have the bug for this now.


Not about too much today, but in truth not a great deal to get stuck into.

Got my first £2 set of JJ flags today and then made £6 on the wagering, after switching to Houdini slot for a bit of daredevil variety, you see I like to live life in the fast lane!

Ladbrokes was less kind, losing £3 on my DOND wagering and with Cahill getting sent off the chance of any freebies was gone, however Klose did the biz and got a £10 free bet for just and 80p loss, will cash out later.

Also started on my VC loyalty offer, 3 x £20 in plays bets on the Germany v Aus game for just an overall 60p loss was fine with me. 17 more to go for the first £60 in free bets. Impressed with the VC live interface (and odds) so this should be fairly painless.

My final profits of the day were trading related, £16.50 in 8 mins thanks to another Nugget CoverS strategy, once Germany scored (after 8 mins), job done, not a bad hourly rate that! So over £50 trading profit, bearing mind we are going cautiously at the moment until the tournament settles down, is a great start and again something Green I can actually enjoy this weekend.

Have decided to keep a seperate running total of the trading side of things too, just to show how this can start to add up.

Today’s Offers Profit: £4.40

WC Offers Profit: £87.56

Trading Profits: £52.50


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