12th June

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Now time for the World Cup to get started as the Three Lions kick off against the USA and we get moving with some proper profits.

First up time to lock in on the SportingIndex Double profits offer, hoping not to strike a winner here so I get to go again, so may as well start on the early game and keep going until I am done.

Got a free live bet offer from bet24 on the England game as well as a mull over various “if” refund offers (video is coming everyone), had a brief look yesterday but couldn’t find anything worth doing.

Also worth a look at the Rooney offer over at Ladbrokes, for a £10 free bet everytime Rooney scores, currently 2.38 to lay at the moment.

Betfair have a nice multiples offer going too, so can lock in a free bet on England’s next game there.

On the casino side well JackpotJoy will rumble on and will check out the Ladbrokes games World Cup daily offers too. The beauty of these are that if you hit a reasonable profit, just take it and wait for the next one tomorrow.

Oh yes a quick update too, due to some “tech” issues the podcast blog will be starting from Monday, sorry about the delay but I will be in full voice from Monday, god help you!

Of course if anything else tickles my fancy then I will add to this.

Have a great day and c’mon England!


Well I would love to say it was a fantastic Green day but given the howler in by Mr Robert, the mention of anything green is not my favorite turn of phrase at the moment.

On the wagering side things were much more reliable and we have a good day.

Kicked off with £25 profit secured from my SportingIndex double profit offer thanks to Argentina.
Paddypower would only give my £50 to put onto a correct score in the England game but locked in £12.32 thanks to their Rooney refund offer. Then an unexpected free fiver from Blue SQ, £4.07 from that one and also a £3.44 profit from Bet24 and their live unders/over offer. Also picked up £2.24 profit on the Ladbrokes goals galore offer, as Rooney’s odds were so low on Betfair decided to lock in some profit rather than let this one ride.

Onto the casino side, I got the free £25 from Ladbrokes for the cool match bonus and will be using that against other offers in the next few days so will add that to the profit pot. Also collected a sneaky £7.20 profit playing Lucky Star as part of their games offer, £5 bonus and actually made £2.20 on the wagering so very nice. All Top Trumped out to unlock it.
Lost £2.10 on my JJ wagering today, still on DOND and it seems ok for this offer.

Today’s Profit: +£77.17

WC Profit: +£83.16


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