Free Betfair Interface For The iPad

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Got an iPad? Got a Betfair account?

Yes, yes. Well you will be needed a FREE app to link them together to give you the greatest mobile trading experience ever then!

Inroducing BetTornado

Juicestorm Software has launched a new betting app for the Apple iPad, featuring an innovative new interface which provides fast, user friendly mobile betting. This free app is available from the Apple App Store from today.

Betting via mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular but many of the current apps are extremely limited.

BetTornado has been designed specifically for the iPad, with different displays to cater for a variety of Sports Betting customers.

While the majority of users will find the simple ‘Bet Mode’ is all they really need, those who wish to trade the markets will find the specially designed ‘Trade Mode’ enables them to place bets very quickly and hedge profits or losses just as they would do with specialist trading software on a computer or laptop.

The extensive range of features has been designed by people with years of hands on experience trading the Betfair markets.

A third display, “Watch Mode” enables the user to choose individual selections from a variety of markets across different sports and load them all onto the same screen. Bets can then be placed on this screen as the desired odds are reached without having to keep checking different markets.

By including a ‘Training Mode’ which uses play money to place imaginary bets on Betfair, BetTornado also gives users a chance to learn how to use the software without risking losing real money.

As sales of iPads continue to soar and WiFi networks become available in more pubs, clubs and cafes, BetTornado meets a real need for betting and trading software with more functionality than just simple back or lay betting.

Just talking myself into getting an iPad I think!

Here’s a little peek of the software in action and I think you will see why…….


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