Bet72 Profits Diary – March 2009

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This month is like one of those, “complete works of Shakespear in a minute” plays, I managed to corrupt the file I was working on over the month so rather than recreate it all (I am a lazy sod) here is March in a nutshell.

OK high hopes for March, Cheltenham et all, so let’s see what happened.

Right starter for tenner, I cashed out my free bet on the Carling Cup final from the latest Will Hill BOGOF offer for £6.38 profit.

Managed to get on a little more Pre-Cheltenham Ladbrokes 3/1+ offer for a very nice £66.76

Was really busy getting the site etc… ready pre Cheltenham so I didn’t do anything upto the festival, then it was off!

I did quite a bit of trading actually, which netted me £212.75 in profits, small fry to the pros but I was happy with that, I am still learning!

As for the offers well we picked up the following…..

Paddypower Cousin Vinny Offer = £28.56 x 2
William Hill Various BOGOF offers = £27.12 x2
Centrebet Gold Cup = £17.01
Ladbrokes 3/1+ offer = £302.21 What a great offer long may it continue (update it has not appeared since!!)
Paddy Power mobile offer = £17.76

So a grand total of £421.22 plus the trading cash, meant a very nice few afternoons work!

Finally got around to doing the financials offer VC (£250 refund) and Tradefair (free £75). Worked on a very easy strategy based on BUYing at VC and SELLing at 1/2 the value on Tradfair, with stop losses in place. Netted £182 profit from this using the GBP against the Euro market, I am no Robbie Burns ( but for my first dabble into financials I was very happy. I cannot withdraw the free £75 from Tradefair for 3 months but will pay for a nice night out for me and Mrs B when it is available in June. I will have forgotten about it by then so it will seem like another bonus when it flashes up on my electronic calendar to withfdraw!

If anyone want to know anymore about the strategy do please drop me a line,

Over at Ladbrokes we saw a free £10 offer for playing 3 Card Poker, usual Q64 strategy here for a very easy £9 profit.

Centrebet did a free Dubai racing offer which netted another £7.02 profit (x 2) and more BOGOF’s from Billy boy footy, darts and F1 added £6.82 profit for me and Mrs B respectively.

Coral had a virtual games offer for a free £10, well documented on bet72 and netted £7.37 for Mrs B and £7.52 for me

Not to be outdone Betair sent me a free offer for their Arcade games area. Make 10 bets on Deal or No Deal and get the 11th free (upto £20), used our regular DOND strategy here and made a very nice £26.13 on my account but lost £14.01 on Mrs B’s but still a net profit of £12.12 for less than 10 minutes clicking!

Profit/Loss – 1st – 31st March 2009 = +£767.17 – Total March 2009 = +£767.17 (plus £212.75 trading, so almost £1K)


3 Comments on "Bet72 Profits Diary – March 2009"

  1. mike on Mon, 6th Apr 2009 9:43 pm 

    I would like to know more about the vc financials offer.

  2. Michael Gold on Tue, 7th Apr 2009 1:07 pm 


    what sort of trading were you doing? horses? football?

    i wouldnt mind making £200 from doing that if u got any tips?

  3. Eddie on Thu, 9th Apr 2009 9:32 am 

    Hi Darren
    Do you use Betangel for your trading just got it for a free 7 days and still trying to find my way around it, if you do use wouldnt mind a bit of help with it please.

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