23rd November

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Friday, got a text from BLUE SQ offering a free 10% bet upto £25 on each of races at the afternoon’s Ascot meeting. Worth a crack I thought and well here is something I could not have done if I had tried, pick 4 winners out of 4 staking £250 a go on each (at combined odds of over 101/1). No I am not typing this from my yacht in the Med. as, with all risk free opportunities I laid all 4 selections too, it is great being so disciplined! The other 2 lost and my Betdaq account had taken a hell of a beating but I had managed to secure £150 in free bets over 3 hours for just an £42 loss even managed an arbs along the way too! Then managed to cash out the freebies for £114.83 so that was a very nice £72.83, not bad for an offer I didn’t expect and 2 minutes work per race!

Took £12 overall profit from 2 accounts from the BETWAY Ice Hockey promo, this is scheduled to be on every week for the foreseeable so worth checking it out, I will get the details on the free bets blog.

No luck on the weekend £10 BLUE SQ games offer but nothing lost, didn’t expect anything after my recent horse racing activities!

A week to go, still confident of breaking the £1K mark for November, but I am going to have to step it up a little.

Profit/Loss – 21st – 23rd November 2008 = +£84.83 – Total November 2008 = +£651.81


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