Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 15th June

Posted on June 15, 2009 by  

No time for me to do anything PC wise at the weekend so I was back onto the money making trail.

A quick email to Darren and he suggested McBookie (free £10) and Totesport (free £25) next, so off to Oddsmatcher then….

Spain U21 v Germany U21

Back Germany at 3.20 for £10 at McBookie
Lay Germany at 3.35 with £9.70.  £22.800 tied up in Betfair and just a 79p loss for the free £10.

You do need to email these guys after the bet has settled so that is from McBookie today then.

So straight onto Totesport and more unknown teams!

Start v Molde

Back Start at 2.30 with £25
Lay Start at 2.38 with £24.68 on Betfair.  Liability £34.04 and the free £25 for a loss of £1.56.

If you like a losing day today as I am £2.35 down but when you think about it I have £35 in free bets to come, so in effect I have bought £35 in bets for £2.35, seems like a bargain to me!

Total Profit: £19.65


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