Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 10th June

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Let’s start with a couple of bookmakers I have heard of Ladbrokes and Paddypower plus Darren had said the free bets are instant credited so we could be in profit on day one, marvellous!

Anyway Oddsmatcher threw up these initial bets so this is what I did.

Back England v Andorra at 1.01 for £10 at Ladbrokes
Lay England at 1.02 on Betfair with £10.41. My liability on Betfair was just 21p, nice!

Giving an overall loss of 11p but a free £10 bet to come.

I immediately checked my account and the free tenner had been instantly credited (just like the man said!)

OK Oddsmatcher again, remembering from what I read on the site, that when dealing with stake not returned offers we need higher odds selections.

Back Finland v Russia at 5.00 for the free £10
Lay Finland at 5.00 with £8.08. My liability on Betfair was £32.32 for a £7.68 profit and still enough in the pot to get the next bet on.

I liked the look of this one….

Back FC Brasov v Poli Timisoara at 2.50 for £25 at Paddypower
Lay FC Brasov at 2.48 on Betfair with £25.72. This tied up £38.07 in Betfair but secured the free £25 bet (again instantly credited) for just 57p!

I was now running too low on funds in Betfair to cash out that night so that will have to wait until these have settled but I am already £7 in profit with a free £25 bet in the bag too, maybe it really is that easy.

Total Profit: £7.00


2 Comments on "Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 10th June"

  1. Stephen Crowther on Sun, 21st Jun 2009 11:47 pm 

    Marvelous for ladbrokes apart from te fact that at certain sporting events such as cheltenham they offer a £200 sign up bonus….. £10 is a bit of a waste im afraid!

  2. Darren Hall on Tue, 23rd Jun 2009 12:50 pm 

    Yes good point Stephen but don’t think we are gonna see the £200 offer back for a while and in the meantime there are all those lovely Ladbrokes casino promos to get stuck into each month, worth far more than even the £200 freebie!

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