Introducing The Trading Football Online Training Course Seminars

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This has just landed in my inbox from the chaps at Trading Football

It’s fastest finger first as there are just 25 places……go!

Introducing The Trading Football Online Training Course Seminars


The training seminars are designed to further your understanding of the betting exchange football markets and thereby improve your profit potential.

It is assumed that you already have a basic knowledge of Betfair as this course is not structured towards complete beginners.


Overview – The markets and odds movement explained

Strategies – The list – Insurance theory – Match selection – Entry & exit points – In action

Scalping – Do`s & dont`s – Liquidity – Spotting the gaps

In-play trading – How to spot opportunities – Value – Tips & tricks

Staking & MoneyManagement – Correct staking – Topping up – Starting bank – Keeping a log

Software – How to use API software – Draw Inflation – In-play scanner – PreMatch trading


Presentation is given via an online webinar using screen capture software together with audio commentary. Question & answer opportunities at the end of each Theory segment.

Live match trading is visible on the presenters` computer. You will see in real time the trades and moves the presenter makes on his own Betfair screen. Where possible TV transmission of the match will be made available. Live radio coverage is the alternative.

Attendees are requested to have a Skype account in order to hear the audio commentary.

This training seminar will set you on your way to achieve your goal – to be a better exchange sports trader!

In this 5 hour traing session you will be guided through the basics of exchange trading to advanced trading techniques by two pro traders

Stop losing money now

Eliminate the mistakes you continue to make
Learn how to trade successfully



Video tutorials
Betting System Notes software
50% discount PMT trading
Course manual PDF
Lifetime Access to Oddsmatcher Pro

These webinars are restricted to 25 attendees maximum so sign up now for our next event

Saturday, January 26th 2013

£99 (15% discount for existing members)

Click below for full details on how to join…..

Free Bet Trading

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Another successful night in using a free bet as trading insurance.

The screen above shows our green position on the Shakhtar v Chelsea Champions League game when Oscar scored the 3rd goal of the game, using our old friend the Clint trading strategy from

Having secured a free £10 bet from Ladbrokes over the weekend (which we picked up for a small profit thanks to Oddsmatcher Pro) we used this as insurance cover in case the game ended under 2.5 goals.

Shakhtar scoring on 3 mins put us in a very strong position from the word go as the Over 2.5 went from 1.92 (where we backed) down to 1.34 instantly, so we removed some of our liability on the Under 2.5 market to ensure we were in a no lose position so our work was virtually done.

And with Chelsea scoring near the end maximised our overall profits to £16. Not a bad return from a free £10 bet with next to no intervention. In fact we were off trading other games as this one looked after itself!

This is a new concept we are looking to develop using a variety of different angles here at Bet72, in conjunction with Trading Football.

Using free bets as free insurance can provide a massive edge both in terms the value of the freebie but also the way in which you trade and your returns on the matches too.

Likewise we are also developing some crossover strategies to utilise the “If” offers (detailed here) for example utilising bookmaker refunds on 0-0 draws and cashbacks on selected occurrences in a game as defined by the bookie.

Exciting times ahead so watch this space and over on our dedicated trading site, for all the latest news.

Right off to collect some more free bets before the action later!

A 460% Multiple Trading Malarkey

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Hot off the press is the latest video from the Trading Football boys.

Here we see the inplay master, Bingo Little, trading outside the box using his Multiple Malarkey strategy which combines the Betfair multiples coupon with inplay match odds and correct scores trading.

This is a strategy that we will soon be adding to our sister site for free to all members.

Video content and educational tools are what both sites really are about on the site.

For example each video (we are into double figures with the now), is of premium quality with careful step by step explanation of the strategy scenario, entry and exit points and invaluable tips & pointers as each trade unfolds. It is like having a professional trader, right there, in the room with you.

So settle back and watch/listen to Bingo at work……

Here is the prelude video to the trade itself as well….

Oh and here’s some other recent Green Room action too….

Like what you see? Well come and take a look……

Oh What A Night

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Amazing scenes at The Bernabeu last night as those last goals went in. And as well as Jose getting rather excited, there was plenty of happy traders in the Green Room as another winning trade was landed.

This time it was an NAC (Nearly All Covered) Trade, which involved backing Over 3.5 Goals and some selected correct scores and using Under 2.5 Goals as insurance, this was expertly led by Adster.

Here is his post match summary…..(which you get after every trade of the day too)


Trade NAC

Profit/Loss + £31


45mins 0-0 Back 1-0 £3, 2-0 £2

68mins 0-1 No move

75mins 1-1 Back 1-2 £3

84mins 1-2 No move

86mins 2-2 Layed 2-2 £50

FT: 3-2

Tip: We had to be quick with the 2-2 lay as another goal looked likely. One or two were too slow here. Must get back/lays in as soon as the order is put out which comes with ambulance siren or you will lose winning opportunities.

The profit figure is based on single level stakes, so that was worth one month’s membership for 90 minutes, trading and chatting. Lovely stuff!

In fact the boys have got a special on at the moment where you get your first month for just £15, so for less than 50p a day to can see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Here’s some other recent Green Room action….

Come a take a look……

Another Free Live Football Trading Webinar

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Just a quick note to say that the boys at Trading Football will be hosting a free trading webinar this Saturday evening covering just about everything you ever wanted to know about, well Trading Football.

And here’s your invitation….

Time: Saturday, 8th Sept 18.30pm

The Nugget Crew will be holding a webinar where they will be trading live Denmark v Czech 19.45pm KO

As an attendee you will be able to see the trader`s Betfair screen and watch his moves live in-play

Should be a great evening with the emphasis very much on discussion, questions and help on all aspects of trading and their trading strategies.

Now that ain’t bad for FREE!

Hope to see you there.

And as a little bit of pre webinar homework why not come and take a look at what they are all about (and then you can get all your questions ready for the webinar)….

New Season. Same Old Profits

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Yes the new football season has kicked off but these boys have carried on where they left off from last season, with screens full of green.

Of course we are talking about the chaps over at Trading Football

2 out of 2 on the official trades, as well as plenty of other profitable ideas and alerts in the green room.

Not a member? It’s only £15 for the first month!

This is typical of what will be landing in your inbox as soon as you join.

Trade of the Day Round Up


Trade Clint
Profit/Loss £6-£9


Two early goals and we greened up by laying £55 from Over 2.5 at 1.09.
Those in early could have got on Unders which were advised would come in. Price was 1.98/1.99 at the time and came into 1.93. Free £££ like that is perfect insurance for strats


Trade LAY U2.5 + cs
Profit/Loss £10


QPR dominated 1st half and despite conceding early on looked likely to score. 0-1 being a serious danger scoreline for our trade we backed it £2 @ 12s just after the goal. At HT we topped up 0-1 with another £5 leaving an overall £10 loss should the score stay that way. 53mins: 0-2 and trade over. £10 if stayed 0-2 or £10 if any other score


Just look at what else you get too….

o Free Draw Inflation Tool which uses the Match Odds and 2.5 markets to identify inflated prices to trade on

o In-play Strategy Scanner which cleverly scans the Betfair inplay coupon and find games to match the strategies we use which saves a great deal of time

o Nags Room (which has made almost £700 since it began in May 2012)

o More Senior Members which means more trades, which means more ££££

o 6 or more Trade of the Day’s per week

o More in-play action with one of the professionals.

We have said it before but this is the no brainer of 2012, so what are you waiting for, come and take a look….

Grab The Season Ticket Offer Of The Year

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The new football season is here So there is much to celebrate, even more so with this fantastic offer from our favourite Trading Partners, Trading Football.

Over to you guys…..

Let`s kick off the new football season with a special deal for you!

Subscribe with for a full season with our NEW season ticket offer. Football clubs do it, so why not us?

The offer gives you this amazing package….

o Draw Inflation Tool which uses the Match Odds and 2.5 markets to identify inflated prices to trade on

o In-play Strategy Scanner which cleverly scans the Betfair inplay coupon and find games to match the strategies we use which saves a great deal of time

o Nags Room (which has made almost £700 since it began in May 2012)

o More Senior Members which means more trades, which means more ££££

o 6 or more Trade of the Day’s per week

o More in-play action with one of the professionals.

o 12 free football trading tutorials

o 4 free Nags trading tutorials

Yep, that`s right! Trade with footballl matches and horse meetings with us from August 18th – May 31st

Now if we trade on average 12 football matches per week AND 200 horse races per month that gives you…….hey, that`s a lot of trading!

Plus of course you receive the usual full support and access to all the members` area resources

All of this for just £149

*Please note that this offer ENDS at midnight August 17th!

Trading Update: 12/08/12

The brand new Full Monty Strategy off to a flyer today in Holland

Wow, not much to add to that except.

Just Click Below…. Happy New Season Everyone….

It’s Not All Football, Football, Football

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Despite the name, Trading Football, the boys over at the site certainly have more than one string to their bow.

Besides the best football trading advice on the planet, the lads will throw in ideas on a whole range of trading ideas, including their latest creation The Nag’s Room, which is making daily profits on the horses too which is available to full members & trialists 7 days a week.

During the winter months trading was just covered in the afternoons but now this has been be extended to take in evening trading during the spring & summer (as long as the bloody rain stops!)

Here’s a taster…..

And how about this, you can get your first month’s entry to their fantastic membership service including full access to the aforementioned Nags Room, for just £15, yes 1-5!

Just look at what you get….

We have said it before but this is the no brainer of 2012, so what are you waiting for, come and take a look….

Trading Football Euro 2012 Diary

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We have been getting loads of interest regarding the service over at Trading Football and plenty of people have been asking to see more about the sort of service the boys provide.

And rightly so, the boys have been on fire in 2012. On both the football and horse racing front.

So to give you a flavour of what you can expect we are delighted to say that we have permission to give you a daily round up of their previous day’s trades from Euro 2012, as featured in the video below.

This is normally for members-only but we hope it will give you a taster of what these chaps are all about.

And don’t forget Trading Football is just one of the 4 great services that are part of our Trading Toolkit which is currently available at a one time only crazy bundle price….

To get your hands on this amazing offer (with full access to Trading Football too) then just pop over to our sister site at

In the meantime, here’s the diary…..

Saturday 9th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

An enjoyable and profitable start for us last night in the Green Room. Bingo led a Lay of Poland with insurance scores of 1-0 and 2-1 for an £8 profit.

Then jumped on a Homer for Russia which locked in £11 profit for 15 minutes work. On top of this cries of ‘Unders worth laying at 1.48 they’re far too short here’ were advised before Russia scored. And if this wasn’t enough Adster led a small back on 2-1 and 1-2 which at 1-0 advised taking out the red and leaving the free bet of £39 on 2-1 and £10 on 1-2. When the score went to 2-1 to green up for £10 profit. Some even took the advice to back Auq at 5s or at 12s later on in the game as Russia looked good for more goals. Couple of guys got on this and picked up £30 profit. Marvellous, a months subs in one night.

Any nags tips today will be posted by 1.30pm on the Messageboard in Members Area.

And we will be in the Green Room for the footie from 4.45pm. You can open both windows and float them via the icon above where you type in, just hover the mouse over them and one will say, ‘float-unfloat’.

The Nags Room

Selections 14
Winners 4
Losers 5
Not traded 5

P/L £10 loss

Full results details can be found here


Sunday 10th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Our cs jobby for Netherlands and Denmark took a £22 loss. 0-1 was very unexpected and whilst it sounds like sour grapes two blatant penalties and ‘bottler’ Robben hitting the post in the first half cost us here.

Germany v Portugal we got on an AA. £15 on 2-1, £3 on 2-2. At HT we backed 0-0, 1-0 and Under 1.5 as cover. 1-0 FT and no profit, no loss trade.

A tricky day today for sure. As stated in chat tonight, learning how to scalp is a massive bow to the string of the armoury and we thoroughly recommend this as it will get you out of trouble either before KO, at HT or the first 10 mins.

Find attached the Euro pullout and the Euro ebook in the Members Area.

The nags tips today will be posted by 1.30pm on the Messageboard in Members Area. And we will be in the Green Room for the footie from 4.45pm. You can open both windows and float them via the icon above where you type in, just hover the mouse over them and one will say, ‘float-unfloat’.

The Nags Room

Selections 6
Winners 1
Losers 2
Not traded 3

P/L £10 loss

Full results details can be found here


Monday 11th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade: BTTS YES + 0-0 & 1-1

30mins: 0-0 Advice to lay 0-0 @ 5.0 £8

After Italy took the lead we had the chance to green up on CS market for £6 and wait for a Spain reply; this came 3 mins later so the BTTS YES was a winner.

Profit: £36


Trade: BACK 0-0 & 1-1

Croatia`s goal in 2nd minute got us off to a bad start but Eire`s equaliser on 19 mins allowed us to exit the trade pronto. Difficult to see how the match was going to go so caution prevailed

Scratch trade

The Nags Room

No trading yesterday

Full results details can be found here


Tuesday 12th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

A little unofficial Nugget Nibble by Bingo for France v England made the troops a cool £18. Nugget Nibble being a back of 0-0 and 2-2 laying off the 0-0 as the game progresses leaving as good as a free trade on the 2-2.

Then we jumped on the main Trade of the Day, a Clint for Ukraine v Sweden. We backed Over 2.5 for £25, Under 1.5 for £10 and 1-1 for £6.

0-0 at HT no moves, then the goals reigned in! At 0-1 no moves. 1-1 and we layed Over 2.5 for £10 giving us a £13-£14 profit whatever the result. 33% ROI as the game ended 2-1.

Great to see 65 in the room at one point and the atmosphere as good as ever.

The Nags Room

6 selections
4 winners (3 of which won the race too!)
2 losers

Profit: £20

Full results details can be found here


Wednesday 13th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade: BTTS YES + OVER 2.5 + CS

35mins: 0-1 Advice to BACK 0-2 £7 this being our most obvious danger scoreline
57mins: 1-1 Advice to LAY Over 2.5 @ 1.56 £8

The BTTS YES bet now securely green we wanted one more goal to either side for bigger profits. It didn`t come so:

Profit: £6


Unofficial trade: Clint

Czech scored after 3mins. A 2nd goal just 3 mins later meant a winning trade for those who weren`t burnt when scalping 1.5 market

The Nags Room

7 selections
6 winners
1 loser

Profit: £50

Full results details can be found here


Thursday 14th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Tasty winning unofficial Clint for our Denmark game as it ended a 5 goal thriller returning £12-£18 profit.

Our 2-1 and 1-2 back ended small profit/scratch for Holland v Germany. At 0-1 we didn’t do anything, at 0-2 we had no choice but to lay off our £15 stakes leaving £6 on 1-2 green and scratch on all other scores. As Germany were so rampant it made sense, typical of course the game ended 1-2! Shame, oh for that looking glass!

The Nags Room

9 selections
4 winners
4 loser
1 not traded

Profit: £0

Full results details can be found here


Friday 15th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade: Asian Handicap + 1-0

4mins: 1-0 Advice to lay AHcp @ 1.48 £25
49mins: 2-0 Advice to back 2-1 £3
70mins: 3-0 Do nothing
83mins: 4-0 Game over

We were looking for a Spain victory by at least 2 clear goals. Torres (much maligned by this author I confess) got us off to a flying start. Traders cannot not afford to be complacent and the main concern was that Spain might be too relaxed and let Ireland snatch a goal. Therefore we reduced our AHcp liability by £25 after the 1st goal.

Even at 2-0 with Spain coasting we covered 2-1 as that scoreline would have resulted in a £16 overall loss.

Profit: £23

Tip: Match selection. Why did we choose the Asian Handicap market for this trade? Look for games with a very strong favourite but you are not sure if they will win by 1 or 5 goals and you feel confident that the opposition will not score more than 1 goal. You can then use the Correct Score market as insurance



Italy opened the scoring on 39mins and we felt that Croatia would need to go for it. Italy only had themselves to blame for sitting too deep in the 2nd half and Croatia duly got their equaliser

Profit: 76% ROI

Note: Of 14 games played so far in the EUROs 12 have seen BTTS YES as a winning trade

Some jumped on a winning Scatter Gun stratgey for this game and Nick flagged up a cheeky winning lay of 9pts + bookings with Howard Webb doing the correct thing by keeping his cards in his pocket

The Nags Room

8 selections
5 winners
3 losers

Profit £13.30

Full results details can be found here


Saturday 16th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Our Clint for Ukraine v France ended scratch. At HT we put £3 on 0-2 to France as cover. 0-1 we did nothing, 0-2 we layed off £10 from Over 2.5 giving us £10 if another goal was scored or scratch if it remained 0-2 which it did.

Sweden v England – £5 profit. At 0-1 we put £2 on 0-3 and £3 on 1-3. At HT the general consensus was to take £5 green as 0-2 England was £25 red.

The Nags Room

Great day in the Nags Room with £74 profit made with a spanking 12 winners and 2 losers. Marvellous. Just a shame only 15 or so were in there to reap the rewards, get yourselves in there folks, as you’re losing ££££ there. You can open both Green Room and Nags Room by floating the widget above where you type inthe chat box. Then open another browser enter the other room and do the same. Enter as different names, Ads, Ads1 etc as you can’t be in both rooms as the same name.

19 selections
12 winners
2 losers
5 not selected

Profit £74

Full results details can be found here


Sunday 17th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Our games didn’t go as our script wanted them too as we did an AA on Russia and a Clint for Poland. We took a £7 loss in Russia as at 1-0 to Greece we reduced our red on 1-2 and put some cover on 2-1 hoping for goals which didn’t materialise. Our Clint we let run the LTD for £10 before the Czech’s scored. Game ending 1-0 to Czech and a £5 loss. Very acceptable losses considering both games went against us. And if you can keep reds down then you will maximise the green trades.

Tough day too in the nags room where the weather conditions certainly make a difference. After a £74 profit yesterday we took a £23.30 loss there.

The Nags Room

7 selections
0 winners
3 losers
4 not selected

Profit -£23.30

Full results details can be found here


Monday 18th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade: Germany win to nil + CS

After a slick opening spell by Germany Denmark equalised and the game stayed 1-1 until 80th min when Bender secured the winner and ensured Germany as group B winners. Several cautionary backs of 2-1 & 3-3 reduced our profit but we came out with £6 green


Trade: Back Netherlands to qualify @ 7.2

Holland got the opening goal as we desired which meant we could green up by laying @ 3.85.

Profit: 78% ROI

The Nags Room

No trades yesterday

Full results details can be found here


Tuesday 19th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Tonight showed the importance of Scalping and how it can turn a losing position into a winning position. An injury after 31 mins gave the perfect opportunity to scalp and the 0-0 came in from 7.8 to 7.2 without a risk of a goal being scored. At HT too the shout was to lay the 0-0 at 5.1 then back it at 5.2 as the price jumped out.

If you’re serious about trading learning how to scalp is a must. We are happy to provide some free videos, just email us at and we’ll get them out. As for the trade, late on we had no choice but to back the lower scores of 0-0, 0-1, 1-0. Annoyingly Spain should have made it 0-2 in the last minute which would have given us a tiny green. Those that Scalped made small £££ or scratched, those without took an £11 loss.

The Nags Room

8 Selections
4 Winners
4 Losers

Profit £10

Full results details can be found here


Wednesday 20th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Trade: BTTS NO + CS

Profit/Loss -£9

Not a particularly convincing performance from England nor in truth from this trader either. My first losing trade after a run of 8 consecutive winners. We expected Ukraine to score (which they in fact did according to 200 million people watching the game but not the 5 officials in charge. Remarkable!) but a 1-0 scoreline resulted in a £9 loss. Those who scalped Under 1.5 and/or 0-0 would have secured a green outcome

The Nags Room

Selections: 6 / Winners: 4 / Losers: 2 / Scratch: 0

Profit/Loss £20


Thursday 21st June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


The Nags Room

Selections 14 / Winners 10 / Losers 4 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss £53.30


Marie Deja La: 2 lays advised as it drifted alarmingly before the off > 27s hence 30% profit only. If selection drifts then move the lay price up

Full results details can be found here


Friday 22nd June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Trade: Lay U2.5 + CS

Profit/Loss: -£15

Correct prediction for the result but the goal we needed came too late. Scalping 0-0 or U1.5 is the key

The Nags Room

Selections 5 / Winners 1 / Losers 4 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss -£20

Full results details can be found here


Saturday 23rd June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade CunderS

Profit/Loss £1


Germany were in total control of the game and despite a Greek equaliser on 55mins the trade was looking ok. However, 3-1 after 68 mins meant we had to lay that score twice. Good job too as final score was 4-2

The Nags Room

Selections 6 / Winners 5 / Losers 1 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss £40

Full results details can be found here


Sunday 24th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Trade Spain/Under 2.5 + Win on Penalties

Profit/Loss £14.50

A first look at a new Betfair market – Team + Over/Under 2.5 – paid dividends as Spain`s early goal gave us a winner if 1-0 or 2-0 final result. The insurance on either side to win on penalties gave us reasonable cover on any draw scoreline. We took a small back on 3-0 & 3-1 at HT as they were potential dangers

The Nags Room

Selections 11 / Winners 5 / Losers 6 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss £5

Full results details can be found here


Monday 25th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room

Trade Either to win on penalties + Lay U2.5
Profit/Loss £18

Summary A bright start by both teams during a 15min spell where Under 2.5 didn`t drop one tick! It looked like the market and every man & his dog expected goals. That view was clearly rose-tinted as the game – or rather England in particular – faded into a uninspiring shade of grey. Backed 0-1 & 1-0 at HT and in Extra Time layed our green in the Qualifying Method market for £15.

Note: Anyone following some of the trade suggestions in the EURO 2012 ebook would have profited on the England stage of elimination bet. Those who backed Italy pre-tournament in the Winners market @ 16.0 can now lay off @ 7.2 for a comfortable 102% ROI

The Nags Room

Selections 4 / Winners 3 / Losers 1 / Scratch 0

UNOFFICIAL so not recorded on the Results page on the site

Profit/Loss £20

Full results details can be found here


Tuesday 26th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


The Nags Room

Selections 8 / Winners 2 / Losers 6 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss -£20

Full results details can be found here


Wednesday 27th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


The Nags Room

Selections 7 / Winners 3 / Losers 4 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss -£10

Full results details can be found here


Thursday 28th June – Yesterday’s Roundup

The Green Room


Trade Nugget Nibble + Corners Match bet

Profit/Loss Corners trade: 100%ROI…….NN trade: scratch

The Nags Room

Selections 7 / Winners 4 / Losers 3 / Scratch 0

Profit/Loss £10

Free Euro 2012 eBook With This Very Special Offer

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Our pampered highly paid footballers will be taking a break this summer but the chaps at Nugget Towers will be beavering away as usual.

The domestic season will end very shortly but the big tournament, EURO 2012 championship, kicks off on June 8th in Poland and ends July 11th.

What a feast of football we can expect from that..and, importantly, some great trading opportunities will present themselves.

Betfair will have the customary markets available plus a host of other more exotic ones specially for the EUROs.

* Group Winners & Forecasts
* Stage of Elimination
* Total tournamnet goals
* Top goalscorer
* Group total points
* Total number of red cards.

+ many more!

To help you identify the best trading possibilities we have created a free ebook that looks in-depth at how we can profit from this huge betting event. This book will be available only to existing paid members and those who take up the 3 for 2 special subscription offer.

What else can we expect this summer?

The Nags Room where we trade horses live in-running will be open for all daytime & evening meetings throughout the coming months, 7 days per week.

Adster will be will casting his professional eye over the upcomig cricket fixtures

Tennis, while not a regular feature in the TF trading portfolio, will also be looked at with the expert help of Vertexer. Strawberries, cream & £££ to be had here!


Some of you have already taken a trial period with us and hopefully seen what we do here at For the past 3 years we have provided a sports trading service that has become the leading player on the internet today. With a community of over 150 members who all contribute with help & guidance for those new to trading on the betting exchanges, now is the best time to take advantage of this special summer offer.

What do you get?

* Access to the Green Room where we trade football
* Access to the Nags Room where we trade the horses
* Cricket & Tennis tips & trading opportunities
* EURO 2012 ebook
* Full detailed articles on our football trading strategy portfolio
* Open 7 days per week
* Email support

Join us today for a profitable summer, click here….

Buy 6 Get 6 Free

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This great offer has just landed on my desk from the boys over at (PMT)

Get 6 weeks for free at PMT!

With the end of the English season and Euros to follow where liquidity will be massive and help us trade various markets we have come up with this rather tasty offer to see you through to the neext season. Join before 1st June and only pay for 6 weeks and get 6 weeks free. So for £59 you will be covered from now until the start of the new domestic season in 3 months time!

And don’t forget all subscribers get FREE access to the brilliant Draw Inflation software too (as seen here)

And there’s more….

Update 26/05/12….

Judging by the feedback from those who’ve seen the changes made you’re very pleased! One guy has already loaded green on the England game on some HT scores. Great to see.

For those that haven’t here is a screenshot. We’ve now added HT markets and graphs. The graphs are BF graphs, (I’ve hovered the mouse on the 1.5 market below) and the HT markets show the prices before KO and not what they will be at HT. Both these upgrades will allow profits to be made now and from the new season. Marvellous.

We also hope to add stats/form and bookies prices at some point before the new season to enhance the tool further.

The 6/6 offer is only available for another 5 days. For £59 you will get 12 weeks access, that’s less than £20 a month!! And take you up to the start of the new season covering friendlies, Euro 2012, early Championship games, Charity Shield, Scandinavian Leagues and Pre Premier tournament, plus much more.

So what is PMT all about?

Again over to the chaps….

How would you like to profit before a football match starts? Before a ball has been kicked? Before the teams come out of the tunnel? Before even the team news has been released?

Our prematch trading tool nicknamed Shirley can do exactly that.

Shirley is a football markets model based on probability theory and statistics. The software uses prices in liquid markets and calculates relevant prices in secondary markets thus allowing users to spot mispriced events and profit from trading them before the game has started.

After 12 months of testing and tweaking for major leagues and international games we took the decision to give out some tips to the members of trading football for 3 months at the end of the 2011 season. The success, popularity and demand for these tips were key factors in putting this site together and offering the tool to a select few.

Our members will be able to capitalise and take advantage of misaligned prices in markets like the correct score, 1.5 to 3.5 under/overs and other markets.

For ease of use the top 5 most liquid games for the day are calculated automatically.

Due to the increase in numbers on exchanges over bookmakers and so many games and markets from England to Germany, Spain and Italy offering excellent liquidity the tool can be used as little or as often as the subscriber wants. We also feel it will be ideal for the part time trader as the majority of games are evenings and weekends.

With the small matter of the Euro 2012 this summer the tool can effectively be used for internationals as well as for domestic leagues, thus allowing it to be used all year round. Marvellous!

A high percentage of profitable trades is very achievable if the software is used as per the instructions on the members’ help page.

A better understanding of how football markets are related to each other, ways to trade more than one market and offset profit/loss for an overall green outcome in most games. We have all had losing trades, generally as a rule though most people do not keep screenshots of those losing trades!

Shirley is a scalping tool so profit compared to bank size is not big – please check the screenshots gallery, we used stakes of 100 ~ 500 max. To maximise profits users can recycle their stake money once matched over and over again.

For any questions or if we can assist in any way please use the contact page and we will respond to your query as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you enjoy using this trading tool.

And if that wasn’t enough here is a little, well an hour long demo actually, for one of their recent webinars…..

PMT-DI Webinar 11-3-12 from Nugget Crew on Vimeo.

So now everyone can have access to two fantastic services and automated software tools for one low price. You will also benefit from email tips will be sent out to members, plus tutorial videos. Plus here is also an excellent Chat room facility and email support for all members too.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this service (and get the new DI tool for FREE) just click below…….

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