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You may not have heard of them but an old favourite bingo site of ours Tombola is bringing back one of it’s most popular offers so we feel is well worth a look at again.

Initially there is a free £20 sign up bonus when you deposit just £10 plus then a £5 bonus during the month (depending on what letter your surname starts with!).

When I signed up a while ago there were certainly some reasonable games to tackle with the free money. I made £15 profit on the sign up, playing one of the bingo games when only 6 other players were on so the odds were in my favour so to speak.

Plus they are bringing back their great free FREE game, Lucky Pick, to play every day for a chance to grab a decent prize (Prizes range from £5 bonus to £500 cash). This runs Monday – Sunday each week and you can play for free as long as you have wagered £2 or more during the previous week. So by signing up and playing today you can get involved with this next week.

Just click below to get started:

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Whilst none of the games on the Tombola site are risk free, there are some rules to follow to give you a greater chance of winning:

• Choose bingo rooms which have a relatively low number of players. When I signed up I made £15 overall profit playing the one of the Bingo games at a time when there were only 6 other players so naturally my chances were greatly increased. Obviously evenings and weekends are busier times so you can only do this when it is practical to do so.

• Maximise your winning chance by buying as many bingo tickets for a specific bingo game as you can. This way your tickets will represent a greater proportion of the tickets in play and you stand a much better chance of winning. However never spend more than 75% of the value of the overall game prize in tickets, so if the Jackpot is £20, never spend more than £15 tickets in a single game.

• Watch a few games first if you have the time, if you see the same name(s) cropping up as winners, chances are they are using the strategy above so it will be harder for you to win, so maybe best to look elsewhere

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