Everyone Loves A 99(p)

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There’s not a lot you can buy for 99p today is there. Let’s face it you would be hard pushed to get a 99 Ice Cream for just under a quid. Yet for that princely sum you can get full access to the most essential piece of software for anyone who wishes to bet and/or on InPlay Football.

Yes we are delighted to announce that our exclusive deal for the access to the hottest new website on the block, www.inplaytrading.com has been extended until the end of the month. That is 99p, yes 9-9p, under a pound, for 7 days full and unrestricted access to the site, strategies, support and best of all their flagship software, the InPlay Scanner.

Latest Update From The Inplay Traders

For a limited time come & try the software for less than a quid.

Yes we have an EXCLUSIVE deal with the chaps over at InPlay Trading and you can now get 10 days unlimited access to the Scanner, Sample Strategies & all the other exclusive content on the inside for just 99p. This is not a misprint. Amazing value!

Then after you have had chance to have a good look round the ongoing monthly membership after that is just £39.99 (no doubt paid for from the previous 7 days of using the software already)

Please use this exclusive link to Join Here

We, at bet72.com, are not ones to throw praise around lightly but honestly this software is an essential bit of kit for anyone looking to get involved with InPlay football.

You don’t have to be a trader to get the benefit either. Even if you are just thinking about one of Big Ray’s half time specials, how good would it be to have all the InPlay stats and information right at your fingertips before you decide to part with your cash you slaaag!

Such is the power of the tool that we have been able to turn that much maligned strategy, Lay The Draw, it into one of our most successful ones of the season so far, by being able to jump onto games where the draw is trading below 2.0 but there have been 5 or more Shots On Target and the sites unique “Pressure Indicator” to secure profit after profit.

Of course no strategy is going to be 100% but with the stats on your side and sensible bank management the only way is up and up with access to this site.

Take our most recent trading success yesterday in the Tondela v Boavista game in Portugal. 0-0 well into the 2nd half but the scanner was screaming goals to come so we jumped on the Over 2.5 market…..

That’s 7 days trial access covered with over £35 left in change from just this one trade!

This would never have been a game we would have considered to get involved in, we just had the scanner running in the background looking for triggers (alerted by a handy ping).

We are happy to help and offer any advice or ideas on how to best utilitise the trial period and beyond so please don’t be shy just drop us a line at info@bet72.com anytime and please do email us with any of your green screens of joy whilst using the software too.

See more of the site and the software in action here: http://greenuptv.com/category/trading/in-play-trading/

So 7 days unlimited access is only 99p. Yes that is full access to the scanner, strategies, daily tips & trades of the day and the legendary live trading chatroom. No brainer isn’t it?

To take advantage of this fantastic offer just register a free account on the site here and then click on the link below once registered to collect the special 99p offer…

Look forward to seeing you on the inside


The Best Signing Of The Summer

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The 2016/17 Premier League season kicks off on 13th August.

As ever the hype and anticipation is being whipped up to fever pitch with the league now awash with big name managers and some exciting new signings but maybe the hottest transfer deal of the summer comes from our friends over at www.inplaytrading.com, who have a very special offer running to celebrate the occasion.


Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a quid for a 7 days unlimited access to the site, chatroom, strategies and of course their flagship software, the In Play Scanner


This was my inbox today too, it has been quite a week already……

Hi guys

What a top day for those in the IPT Green Room, Ads was on fire again with 4 winners, 2 scratch and NO LOSERS. Profits ranging from £40 to £50 made from those shouts depending on exit points, brilliant. Hope you were in to add some profits to your Betfair accounts. Our last minute goal in Iceland assured us of scratch and the brilliant run of 13 wins, 6 scratch and NO losers over 3 days continues onto Saturday!


40% discounted Season and 12 Month deals can be found here. These are on until end of August. No brainer, these deals to tie in until end of May 2017 or Aug 2017.

See you Saturday for Trade of the Day afternoon and Inplay shouts. Let’s see if we can continue the winning run.



Here’s a little video we made earlier showing, well just a typical couple of hours or so with the software…..

And if you want to see even more of the scanner in action then head over to our media site, GreenUpTV, for the complete video back catalogue: http://greenuptv.com/category/trading/in-play-trading/

So one weeks unlimited access to all this for only £1. No brainer isn’t it?

To take advantage of this fantastic offer just register on the site here and then click on the link below once registered to collect the special £1 offer…

Exclusive £1 Sign Up Link

Another Red Hot Summer Offer

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This red hot summer shows no sign of letting you and once again we have added to the soaring temperatures with another cracking joint venture offer.

This time we have teamed up with leading sports trader Jack Birkhead, creator of the brilliant Sports Trading Journey, to bring you a fantastic one time only offer.

I will let the man himself fill you in with all the details, so over to you Jack….


It looks like another sizzling day ahead of us in the new hottest holiday sunbathing destination in the world…the UK. After hours of crazy rain last night, I’m amazed to wake up and see yet some more sunshine! Keep it coming is all I’m saying!

I hope you are enjoying trading the summer racing, and with that in mind I’ve got something special for you to check out…

Ever since I took The Sports Trading Journey off the market late last year after concentrating on more of the hands on training sessions, I have been getting regular requests from people asking whether they could get their hands on the online training course.

So after some deliberation I’ve decided to re-release this course for a very limited time (10 days only) at a crazy discounted price with some great brucey bonuses thrown in to make this deal a no brainer for you:

You will receive instant access to:

1. The Sports Trading Journey 26 module Online Course
2. Step by step tutorials showing how to trade a wide range of different trading scenarios
3. Learn how to profit using small stakes before progressing any further
4. All Live Trading examples which you won’t see anywhere else
5. In-depth audio commentary explaining my thought process behind my trading decisions
6. Huge range of diverse styles and techniques explained and taught to copy
7. Chuck’s Mentality Training Course – £97 Value
8. Two x 30 minute trading extra training videos – £47 Value
9. 6 months FREE access to Odds Matcher Pro Software – £60 Value
10. (New Bonus) 3 Months, yes 3 months access to the Mastermind Webinar Course – £141 Value

Click here to watch the Video to find out more

This offer ends on Saturday 3rd August at midnight, and you will not see The Journey course priced this cheap ever again in this current fully unlocked course format.

Jump over to the link below right now to take advantage of this crazy price before I come to my senses and change my mind:

The Journey Online Training Course

Chat soon


So like the man says, just click above to find out more but remember the offer must end on 3rd August.

And if you are already an Oddsmatcher Pro subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be), then the extra 6 months will be automatically added to you current subscription.

Right then back to sunshine!


You can also now sign up for Jack’s FREE Training Series, which reveals how to begin your new career trading successfully in the Sports Betting Exchange Markets. Free videos and PDF downloads are also included….

Just click below for more details….

Oddsmatcher Pro & Geeks Toy Hot Summer Offer

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Well this summer just keeps on getting better and better. Great sporting action. Great weather. And now a truly great offer for everyone.

Yes bet72 have teamed up with Geeks Toy, the provider of the most popular betting exchange trading software, to bring you the hottest thing you will find this summer.

3 months unlimited access to our flagship software product Oddsmatcher Pro PLUS 3 months unlimited access to Geeks Toy – AGT Pro for one single crazy price of just £29.99 (no that is not a misprint, it is £29.99)

Don’t delay as this offer can only last until our medication fully kicks in as we cannot hold this crazy deal forever. Well until 31st July to be precise.

So what do you get….

Oddsmatcher Pro brings you instant live odds feeds covering all the major sports markets from over 40 bookmakers, to allow anyone to maximise their potential risk free betting profit as well as finding the very best prices at the click of your mouse. Day in, day out he software helps users make consistent profits from traditional matched betting, a whole host of existing user offers, offers enhanced trading options and even arbitrage opportunities.

A Geeks Toy – AGT Pro takes your use of the betting exchanges to a whole new level. It contains all the features you expect in a premium Betfair trading application, and much, much more. New features include Multi Language Support, Dutching, Bookmaking, Stop Loss, Conditional Betting, Kick Ass In-Play interface, Race Timer and plenty of other goodies too

If you are serious about making profits from bookmaker offers and the betting exchanges alike then these are the must have pieces of software to have at your disposal.

Remember this offer is only available between 15th to 31st July and once it is gone it is gone.

So what are you waiting for to get your hands on this fantastic bundle, just click the Buy It Now button below. It will be your smartest move of Summer 2013.

See you on the inside…..


But if you would like to find out more about just what this software can do then do please take a look at these….

Introducing Oddsmatcher Pro

Using Oddsmatcher Pro With UK Horse Racing

*if you are a subscriber to either, or indeed, both products then once you purchase the additional 3 months will be added to the end of your current subscriptions

Tradeshark Tennis Wimbledon Special Offer

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This has just landed in our inbox from good friend of ours, Paul Shires aka Tradeshark and it could be one of the best investments you make this summer.

Not only can you get your hands on the best tennis trading guide on the planet but also one months access to his sensational new tennis tipping service for one amazing price.

This really is advantage Bet72 readers!

Over to Mr Tradeshark himself to tell you more….

My Tennis Trading Guide has been going since 2009. It has been constantly upgraded and is still the best tennis trading guide out there.

I stumbled across Betfair trading in around January 2008. I tried trading pre race horse races but was limited as to when I could trade that market. I have always loved tennis and used to play regularly when I was younger so I looked into ways of trading it. I now trade tennis fulltime.

The tennis season lasts about 11 months of the year with the off-season being throughout December. Every week there is at least 1 tournament from either the ATP Tour (Men) or the WTP Tour (women).

ALL ATP and WTP matches are In Play markets on Betfair. This means you can place back and lay bets during the game.

The purpose of the Guide is to help you to learn how the markets move. The best way I have found to do this is to break trading down into simple strategies. By using these strategies you wil become familiar with the tennis markets and be able to match your trading plan to the match situation

The Tennis Trading Guide contains:

– 2 strategies suitable for new tennis traders

– Several other strategies to suit different match situations

– All strategies include a video of me using them for a profit

– General advice section on tennis trading

– Daily tips and summaries of upcoming matches. Email me if you want a summary of a particular match

– Unlimited email support and advice.

All the information is delivered to you as a website. I have chosen to do things this way so it’s easier for me to keep the site updated and also so that you don’t have to pay for any updates as you do with normal ebooks!

Now if you’re looking for ways to trade tennis the chances are that, like me, you have Googled the subject to death! I spent literally weeks trawling the internet for strategies and ideas for trading this market. There are no end of “experts” telling us that the tennis markets are perfect for trading because the price swings are huge. They say that tennis trading is the most profitable for trading and it is incredibly easy to do.

What they DON’T tell us is HOW to trade it!

So I looked on the forums for the elusive answers. Time and time again I would see someone ask a simple question and all the forum members would throw their arms in the air and shout, “FISHING!!” What they were saying was that it was very wrong of that person to be asking how to trade tennis.

They have the secrets and they don’t want you to know!

In the end I had no option other than to learn it for myself by trial and error. This was very frustrating and cost me a few trading banks.

Gradually I started to come up with ways of predicting which way a player’s price would move and how to profit from it.

During my quest for knowledge the frustration was intense. I wasted so much time trying to find out the basics. I could have been using that time to develop those ideas to suit me.

That is the reason for this site. Maybe I can save you a little time and also a little money by limiting losses!

Beginner’s Strategies

Included in my guide are two excitingly simple strategies that a beginner can use pretty much straight away. In these strategies I give you the exact point at which to enter a trade and the exact point to exit the trade. Also I have taken any decisions away from the novice trader with very basic, easy to follow instructions on what to do if the trade doesn’t work the way we wanted. By following my very simple rules the risk to your trading bank is kept very small.

***the purpose of the beginner’s strategies are to help you to get involved with the markets and learn how they react to what is happening on court. They are not intended to allow you to make a worthwhile income on their own***

I have shown these strategies to many novice tennis traders and they have all loved them!

My guide to trading tennis on Betfair contains simple strategies that you can use to secure a profit regardless of who wins the match. If you’re familiar with trading and “greening up” then you know what I am talking about. If it’s new to you, you’re in for a treat!

With each strategy I have included a video of me using the strategy so you can see how it works.

Something that is vital in any trading strategy is to know what to do when a trade goes against you. Included in the guide is a step by step account of how I manage this exact situation. I have also included a video of me using my “Halfs and Doubles” strategy for when a trade goes wrong.

Please be aware that I provide you with the information and strategies that you need to profit consistently from tennis trading. However you will need to put some work in yourself. This isn’t a magic wand get rich quick system. To make good money consistently will take time and practice. To speed up that learning process you should make use of our free Trading Forum and Chatroom, especially during matches. I have laid down strict but basic rules that the experienced traders must help new traders. As a result we have a very friendly community with a good mix of new and experienced traders who are all willing to help

Extra Bonus

In addition to the strategies and tutorial videos you will gain access to the members area.

Here, you will find daily match tips and advice on how to trade them. You can email me directly to request an overview or advice on an upcoming match. I will respond to all emails personally.

During the recent French Open we enjoyed a fantastic strike rate….

ATP: correct in 96 of 120 matches. 80%
WTA: correct in 93 of 120 matches. 78%

The Tips Subscription offers the following advantages:

– Unique 6 stage selection process
– Full reasons given for the picks plus often extra picks that almost made it to
– Place the bet and leave it. No need to be at your PC

ALSO INCLUDED – “Wins a Set” list. Sent out daily.

Tips are posted on the Shark Tips page. There is a link to the page at the top of this blog.(visible when you subscribe). They will also be emailed to subscribers.

Tips are posted early each morning or the evening before if possible. Note if the tournament is in America the tips may not be posted before noon but every effort will be made to get them up as soon as is practical.

Tips are only posted if they qualify through my selection process. If no matches qualify then I won’t post any picks for that day. On rare occasions I will be unable to post. I reserve the right to not post every day though I would prefer to post tips every day that has qualifying matches.

You can also email me with any questions about Betfair trading in general.

During Wimbledon you can get the Guide plus a month’s subscription to Shark Tips which is my tennis betting tips service for a reduced price.

Normal combined price is £29 + £20 = £49

Get BOTH for just £35 (one off payment)

To find out more and to grab this fantastic deal the just click below:

Oddsmatcher Pro Special Offer

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We all know it is important to have the right tools for the job and for making the most of the bookmakers odds & offers there is one essential bit of kit to have, Oddsmatcher Pro.

Yes our flagship software product has been getting rave reviews left, right and centre as it really is the quickest and easiest way to maximise anything & everything that the bookies throw at you.

Look at what you get….

* New Ice Hockey Markets Now Included With Pro Too

As you probably know we don’t do trial access to the software but not everyone wants to take the plunge for the full month so we have a little special offer to give everyone a chance to see what this bad boy can do and make you a few quid at the same time.

Sign up between 12:00 on the 14th June & 23:59 on the 23rd June and you can have 10 days full access to the software for just £3.99, yes not a misprint, £3.99

With so much going on there has never been a better time to have this software at your disposal.

Royal Ascot, Confederations Cup, Euro U21, ICC Cricket, Tennis….etc….etc…., you’ll probably make the cost back anyway with your first wager, so there really is nothing to lose.

As I am sure you know we have the biggest and bestest offers list on t’internet (see here) and actually so many for Royal Ascot that we are just setting up a dedicated micro site just for that. So with Oddsmatcher Pro ready to go you’ll hit the ground running and start profiting immediately.

Plus everyone who signs up will automatically go into a draw (along with the current subscribers to win one of 3 fantastic prizes)……

We have teamed up with the legendary Betfair trader, Tony Hargraves (aka The Badger) who has just launched a brilliant new website, www.thesportstrader.com and he has kindly given us the first 2 brilliant prizes….

1st Prize

The Traders E-Book Bundle (RRP £74.99)

Sports Trader Book – The Winning Approach to Sports Trading

A comprehensive look at every aspect of Sports Trading. It covers the A-Z of what to do to replicate how professional traders go about their business. Everything you will need to move from a beginner or hobby trader to a more advanced level.

Racing Trader Book – Trading & Betting UK and AUS Racing

This book looks at everything you need to succeed in the UK and Australian racing markets. It looks at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, backing and laying at the right price, stop losses, how to get out of difficult positions.

2nd Prize

One Months Free Access To The Daily Trading Advice Service (RRP £39.99)

The Daily Trader is my service delivering the exact same trades I do direct to your inbox in good time to place the trades.

I will give you detailed instructions about stop-loss placement, when to get in and out of the trade and as I do each trade myself they are fully researched and planned.

This is a professional sports analysis and trading service for those interested in making an income from mainstream UK and Australian sports.

Plus we will chip in with the 3rd Prize

Three Months Free Access To Oddsmatcher Pro (RRP £30)

Yes we will stick 3 more months on the end of your current subscription for free. That will keep you profiting right through the summer and beyond!

A random draw of all the current registered subscribers to Oddsmatcher Pro will be made on 24th June at 10:00AM and the prize winners will be notified thereafter.

And even if you are not a winner don’t worry as to celebrate the launch of Tony’s site we have some exclusive discount codes off the books and memberships, just our exclusive link below and enter the promo code bet72-20 and you will get 20% off everything on the site, nice.


Anyway to get your hands on Oddsmatcher Pro for this one time crazy price and to get in the draw draw too then just hit the BUY NOW button below and look forward to 10 days of profit, profit and well more profits….

Royal Ascot Special

*** Of course if you take out the regular one month subscription then you will automatically be entered into the prize draw too! Just click here to sign up

And if you want to find out more about just what this software can do then do please take a look at these….

Introducing Oddsmatcher Pro

Using Oddsmatcher Pro With UK Horse Racing

Exclusive 10% EXTRA Cashback On This Red Hot Deal

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How’s this for a deal from the Trading Football chaps….

We’re having a Spring Special folks with a whopping 33% off normal prices.

If you’d like to take this out please sign up below, it’s not on for long!

£99 for 5 months for the Draw Inflation, In Play Scanner & MarketMatcher software, access to all the strategies, tutorial videos, the whole forum and of course Green “chat” Room is excellent value for ££££.

As one Member said in the week the DI alone is worth the subs.

Now that is good but how about an extra 10% off too, no really.

We have managed to secure a web exclusive deal for all bet72 visitors.

If you sign up for the offer above and email the guys saying you saw this offer on bet72 they will send you 10% of your payment straight back!

Not bad eh?

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we’ve extended the 5 month offer for £99 until the end of the month. This way you’ll be covered into the new season for as little as £20 a month that covers so much including the Draw Inflation, Market Matcher and In-Play Scanner. Plus of course the Green Room and trades we’re involved in, excellent value all in all.

And of course the extra 10% cashback to all Bet72ers!

But of course this crazy deal will not last forever, so you have until England kick off against San Marino on Friday to grab this, and then, it’s gone.

Need to give this a second thought?

Here’s the Trade Of The Day email from 23rd March (you will get at least 6 of these a week!)

With a full post match roundup too….

Yesterday roundup – The Green Room


Trade Clint with 2-2 and 1-3

Profit/Loss + £12 to + £25


1-2 at HT and choices were to green up for £25, let it run knowing 1-3 and 2-2 were covered and trade accordingly, OR Back Anyunq £5 and trade accordingly. An enjoyable easy going trade.

And take a look at what the guys were upto on Tuesday night (19th March)…..

That is what they do, day in, day out.

Plus just look at what else is on the inside of the site too….

– Over 20 proven profitable football trading strategies

– The best online trading chat rooms manned by full time professional traders

– Free unlimted access to Marketmatcher & the brilliant Draw Inflation tools

– A minimum of 6 Trade Of The Day alerts each and every week, with a full round up all official trades plus additional alerts when opportunities occur

– Regular live webinars

– Premium Trading Videos showing all the strategies in action

– Articles, hints, tips and advice

– Free Money from the latest bookmaker offers

– Support from the team of full time professional traders

Plus much, much more….

We have said it before but this is the no brainer of 2013, so what are you waiting for, come and take a look (& don’t forget to claim your 10% cashback), just click below….

Exclusive Offer On This Professional Trading Guide

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Bet72 are delighted to have teamed up with professional trader Caan Berry, to bring you a world exclusive offer on his fantastic Pre Race Trading Guide.

You have probably seen alot of Caan’s excellent videos over on our sister site, www.greenuptv.com (here is a direct link to his video library – Caan Berry Videos)

Well this book gives you all the tools you need to start trading like the man himself and is a must have for all ‘aspiring’ traders who are looking for an edge in the horse racing markets

Over to Caan to explain a little more….

Trading Guide

Ever wondered what a full time professional trader see’s when they open up a race?

You need not wonder any more as this pre race trading guide show’s how to look at the markets race on race as I do day in day out as a full time trader.

I realised I could use my Betfair account to profit on a consistent basis through sports trading back in early 2009 after seeing an article about a professional betfair trader on TV.

It’s been a long time since I first started trading the pre race markets now although from all the interest I get on a regular basis via email it has become apparent the huge gaps of understanding still exist for beginner and intermediate traders alike.

For that reason I wrote this pre race trading guide as I see the markets through my eyes on a daily basis as a full time professional trader.

In a nutshell that’s exactly what this is, I aim to give everyone who reads the guide a fair understanding of the markets, how they behave, why that is, what they need and how they should go about implementing themselves in such situations to profit race after race on a consistent basis like I do myself.

There are some simple techniques and strategies suggested through explanations backed up with screenshots explaining when they should be implemented and most importantly why!

This guide is more than a strategy that works, its me explaining the thinking behind what I do and why I consider certain indicators important!!

Who is it aimed at?

The guide is aimed at ‘aspiring’ traders in the horse racing markets on the online betting exchanges who may have some basic experience in the markets although are still unsure what exactly is going on and why things function as they do.
Initially it assumes the reader has a basic knowledge of backing, laying and how API software works to hedging bets to lock in profit. (in future updates there will be more explanation behind the use of the software for newer users)

Who is it not aimed at?

This guide is aimed at users on a basic and up to intermediate level so it’s not particularly aimed at traders that already understand how the markets work and profit considerably although it may include some information of use to them.

What does it include?

The guide includes several sections ranging from my own personal setup, how the markets function and influences that need to be taken into account to both profit and stop unnecessary losses, all the way up to how i anticipate and execute my trades in anticipation of specific situations.

How long is it?

The current release is a little over 36 pages long in PDF format with images and screenshots to aid explanations. There is no ‘padding’ in the document whatsoever. There will be update’s over time which is no extra cost as it is a one off payment.

What a few others have said about the guide:

Nick Wise – I have just purchased the manual , and even as an experienced trader – I must say that I was very impressed. It is clear,concise and very much to the point. If you are considering to buy the manual I would strongly recommend that you do so. You will not be disappointed.

Zergtrader – “this guide is exactly what I needed to take my trading at a higher level. Thanks for being so generous in writing such a comprehensive guide that I’m sure will help many traders.”

Chris M – Great guide. Exactly what i needed to eliminate the fluff that surrounds trading pre race, and i’ve been trading in the markets for ages now. Cannot recommend enough. Best guide around. Cheers mate

Just £32 (EXCLUSIVE PRICE – Ends Midnight 10/11/13)

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

After payment. I will receive a notification email, once I have confirmed your payment you will automatically receive an email with login credentials.

If you haven’t received the email from me within 24 hours from when you paid, please email me at: caan.berry@gmail.com

Any questions also feel free to contact me on the above email!

Member Login

Password Reset
Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail.