A Magical Day

October 28, 2009 by  
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One of the great things about the Sport Exchange Shop, the new Betfair Trading Office over in Warrington, is the wide range people you meet.

Just the other day I was sat alongside David Redfearn, as he took in some of the expert trading advice from Tony Hargraves aka “The Badger”.

David is a member of the Inner Magic Circle and did some amazing stuff once the day’s trading was done.  He did this trick turning a tenner into a 100 Gambian dalasis note and back again, I was as close as you are to the screen reading this and honestly it was unreal.

Thanks again David for a very entertaining afternoon.

And thanks Badger for working some magic on our Betfair accounts too! Here is a taster of what Badger is all about – http://bet72.com/news/bet72-news/trade-like-the-badger/)

See David in action here:

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