The Juicestorm Podcasts Are Back

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After 8 long years it’s back!

Yes the Juicestorm podcast sessions make a welcome return to the airwaves with John “Man of Mystery” Preddy at the mic over in Malta where he is joined each week but the great and the good of the gambling and trading industry

Just click below to catch all the shows and, I may be a little biased here but week 2 was a cracker!


On The Radio Again

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Yours truly will be broadcasting to the world on Saturday from 12 noon as I join Adam Todd on his fantastic RacingTraders radio show over at

But it is not just me, look at the line up, truly a dream team on the airwaves if ever I saw one, so don’t miss it!

Take it away Adam….

So we have made it to show number 3!

Another great line up on the interview front some more crazy music selections and a bit more news on the release of BetTrader Evolution. Join us at our usual time of 12:00 (U.K Time) This Saturday, 22nd August 2009.

The Live player will be in the side bar just before the show starts and will be in our Radio Archives Saturday evening.

This Weeks Guests

Darren Hall — Bet72

Darren, in his third year of running his risk free betting site bet72 has just launched his membership site BetSeventyTwo, we speak to the man behind the site, and see how Darren does month-to-month with Risk-Free-Betting.

Jack Birkhead

Jack Birkhead has been a full-time trader now for just short of 4 years. He is 24 and moved to sunny Madrid at the start of 2009. He attended one of Adam Todd’s trading courses a few years ago and according to Jack “The decision to go trading full-time was no doubt the best decision of my life, and the ever demanding markets force me to take nothing for granted. The on-going learning continues…”

The Kiss of Death

The Badger returns with a bit of trading chit chat and a trading selection for this weekends markets. Kiss of death? Find out live!

Full details at

Juicestorm Radio Is Back

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With Man of Mystery on a extended visit to Blighty.  Adam Todd from RacingTraders has stepped into the breach and will start presenting the Juicestorm Radio Show! The first show will be Saturday 8th August 2009 at 12:00 (U.K. Time) and his first guest will be none other than Man of Mystery! They have plenty planned so it should be a great show, and Adam has a Special Annoucement too, so don’t miss it! To quote

“I promise this will be a show you won’t want to miss, as its a no holds barred MOM interview. You have been warned!”

Read More Here

How Big is Your Betfair Wad?

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Amaze your friends and show them you are a Betfair betting or trading god, hey you might even make it into the News of the World.

The guys over at Juicestorm have produced an excellent “make your own profits up” application. Born from all those systems that promise millions of easy £’s to your Betfair account every day of the week with their Photoshop P&L screens. Always seem to be priced at £37, £77 or £97 too!

Well now you can have your own P&L to boast about and all at the click of a mouse, love it! Right I am off to eBay to flog a few life changing horse racing lay systems!

This is one Lee at Juicestorm made earlier….wow nice trading!


Have a go yourself

On The Radio Again

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Update: – Show Now Available in the archives.

Yours truly will be broadcasting to the world today from 1PM as I join the Man of Mystery on his fantastic When You Bet Today radio show over at

But it is not just me, look at the line up for today, truly a dream team on the airwaves, so don’t miss it!

Take it away Jonny…….

Dave Pelie, Adam Todd, Mark Baker and Darre Hall are all guests live tomorrow for an extended WUBT Betting Radio show featuring the new BetBotPro.

We kick off at the usual 1.00pm UK time with our regular Betting Blogosphere Round Up with all the best from the great betting blogs.

Juicestorm Prize Draw

During the show we will be giving out the prizes from the Juciestorm Competition, those who win and are listening will get first pick of the prizes. We will of course publish winners for those who miss the show live.

Cheltenham selections with Dave Peile

Our first guest is at 1.15pm when WUBT will be joining our regular tipster, Dave Peile, in the front row event box at Cheltenham. We’ll be getting the low down on his views for the best selections of the day to continue his profitable winning run.

BetBotPro and Mark Baker

Then we’ll join Mark of BetBotPro around 1.30pm. Throughout the day we’ll be running BetBotPro on Betfair following my usual strategy. We’ll be talking about the latest beta release for Betfair which is available to members right now, and the soon-to-be-released BetBot for Betdaq.

Racing Traders Adam Todd

After Mark we’ll whiz right over to Adam for a chat and see how the Geek’s getting on with the launch of the new Racing Traders application. And perhaps even a sneak preview of some of the great new features? Join us live and find out tomorrow.

Risk Free Bets

Finally, Darren Hall of will hopefully point us in the right direction for more free money and all the latest offers from bookmakers and the specials available for Cheltenham.

The Show

Will the Juice Team get it all together? Or will the gremlins screw us? Be the first to find out live, 1.00pm, tomorrow. The player will be live in the sidebar 30 mins before the show and availabe in the Betting Radio archives soon after.

Full details at