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Bet72 are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with top Full Time Professional Trader Caan Berry to bring you a fantastic & unique trading product offer.

I am sure most of you will know the name Caan Berry, he was featured on Betfair as part of the ‘Pro Traders’ campaign and is the author of the highly successful Pre-Race Trading Guide.

The guide focuses on helping you lock in a profit by trading horse races before the off. With an average of 30 races per day, it’s easy to see the potential. Just £5 per race soon adds up.

The guide is jam-packed full of Betfair trading gold dust you won’t find anywhere else. It’s designed up give you the upper hand and it doesn’t involve using any bookmakers either as everything is done on the Betfair Exchange and is suitable for the beginner or more experienced trader alike.

So what if we said, for a limited time you could get this guide AND full lifetime access to our very own trading strategy & extra profit making site, Betting System Notes (we have just added 4 more brilliant new profitable strategies of our own) for one single crazy price?

Usually, Betting System Notes and Caan Berry’s Pre-Race Trading Guide, sell for £39.99 and £39 respectively. That in itself is a killer deal for the potential of the 2 products.

However today, you can get Betting System Notes + the Pre-Race Trading Guide TOGETHER for an INSANE £39.99. Now that is some 2 for 1 deal!

Of course time is limited though. This offer will only be available until midnight on Wednesday 26th of October, so please grab it while you can because this will not be repeated in 2016, if ever again.

Plus we have a unique proposition for you…..If would like to make some instant risk free profit to cover the cost of the software bundle then please feel free to drop us a line (info@bet72.com) with a list of the bookmakers you have currently used and we can forward you some instant money to at least cover the price. Now that’s a win-win if ever I heard one.

Seriously we am happy to do that for anyone, anytime, just ask as there is always plenty of low hanging profits to be collected everyday.

Click Here To Join Betting System Notes before 26/10/16 and you will receive a copy of the brilliant Pre-Race Trading Guide too 


Here’s Caan to tell us more about his guide….

Are your trading results a little random? Do you find all progress is consistently wiped out by one big loss?


One of biggest problems amongst new traders is the lack of understanding, when trading an active market all the numbers, graphs and activity often appears quite daunting. Especially when it means very little to you.

With all the opportunity on offer it’s hard not to get sucked in, but you fail time and again.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen, back in 2009 it was exactly the same for me! Only after thousands of screen hours and study I managed to get ahead.

With that in mind it’d be far easier to learn from my mistakes, saving a lot of time (and money) in the process.

In 2013 I wrote the first draft of the Pre-Race Trading Guide to help others see exactly what I do when opening a betting market, and how I go about trading it. Back then there was virtually nothing on offer to assist new traders. It felt like trading in the dark! Since the initial release there have been several revisions and updates.

It’s important to understand the reasons behind market behaviour. In doing so, it allows us to identify situations and adapt should they change over time. Much like that saying goes:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

The Guide is written without any additional ‘padding’ to make it clear and easy to understand quickly. Previous readers have reported a rapid change in results within a week. It’s important to remember trading isn’t just about winning large sums of money, it’s about not losing too! After a first read, that alone should have an impact on your results.

This guide is more than a strategy that works, it’s the explanation behind what I do and why I consider certain indicators important!

Back in 2009 I realised there was some huge financial potential in learning to trade betting odds on Betfair, even though, back then I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be making so much money each week. At the time I was receiving a very average wage, working long hours and feeling generally unsatisfied. This was my opportunity to experience financial freedom.

After a huge amount of reading blogs, articles and forums all over the internet and several thousand hours in front of the screen recording and watching the markets. I started to make sense of what I was seeing. I learnt the hard way on route, many times over. As you may have read previously on the blog (if you go back far enough!)

It’s been a long time since I first started in the markets now although I still get regular emails from new traders experiencing the losses and pain I did all that time ago. The gaps and confusion in understanding still exist, for beginner and intermediate traders alike, when I began it was much the same.

Here’s what just a few have said about the guide –

Nick Wise – “I have just purchased the manual, and even as an experienced trader – I must say that I was very impressed. It is clear, concise and very much to the point. If you are considering to buy the manual I would strongly recommend that you do so. You will not be disappointed.”

Jon Murphy – “My stupidity and stubbornness mean an inability to admit defeat and, after following for some time and a bit of investigation, I invested further by purchasing both Caan’s Trading Guide and Videos. It’s fair to say that these have been by far the most effective in assisting me in my pre-race trading. My strike rate has increased by 15%, confidence and understanding within the markets are massively improved. Frankly, for someone who has seen pretty much all that’s out there, I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Absolutely worth the money”

Chris Melton – “Great guide. Exactly what I needed to eliminate the fluff that surrounds trading pre race, and I’ve been trading in the markets for ages now. Cannot recommend enough. Best guide around. Cheers mate”

In 2014 Betfair contacted me and asked me to feature in their ‘Pro Traders’ campaign. You can look it up under Betfairs learning section of their ‘Apps Directory’

It’s been a long journey from 2009 when I first come across trading, while serving in the Military. But it’s been my most life-changing experience yet. Increasing my annual income four times over in the process has meant I can do things I’d previously only ever dreamt of.

The Pre-Race Trading Guide is simple, it will help you in:

✓ Understanding of how the markets function, the motivation behind the numbers
✓ Identify profitable situations, ready in anticipation to squeeze as much profit from them as possible
✓ Spot difficult situations to trade, avoiding losses before they even happen
✓ Effectively implementing yourself in the market, execution is the key to maximum efficiency

On purchase of the Pre-Race Trading Guide you will get:

✓ Unique set of secure login details straight to your inbox (Please specify a valid email if your PayPal email is not correct)

✓ Lifetime access to the ‘Trading Guide’ area. (at no extra cost for future updates)

[PDF Download] Content rich information, detailing my outlook, set-up, and understanding of the markets.

Advice on how to use the tools and indicators on offer, read the market, and execute your trades.

Unlimited access to all future updates (Currently version 2.4)

Added Extra’s:

✓ Full user support
✓ Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee:
As a customer of the Pre-Race Trading Guide I guarantee if there is anything you do not understand or need further clarification with I will personally respond to any questions you may have, for as long as it takes until there is complete clarity on the topic! I answer all emails directed to support@caanberry.com as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, also feel free to ask. Trading Guide customer emails are always prioritised in peak periods.


Click Here To Join Betting System Notes before 26/10/16 and you will receive a copy of the brilliant Pre-Race Trading Guide too 

Another Red Hot Summer Offer

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This red hot summer shows no sign of letting you and once again we have added to the soaring temperatures with another cracking joint venture offer.

This time we have teamed up with leading sports trader Jack Birkhead, creator of the brilliant Sports Trading Journey, to bring you a fantastic one time only offer.

I will let the man himself fill you in with all the details, so over to you Jack….


It looks like another sizzling day ahead of us in the new hottest holiday sunbathing destination in the world…the UK. After hours of crazy rain last night, I’m amazed to wake up and see yet some more sunshine! Keep it coming is all I’m saying!

I hope you are enjoying trading the summer racing, and with that in mind I’ve got something special for you to check out…

Ever since I took The Sports Trading Journey off the market late last year after concentrating on more of the hands on training sessions, I have been getting regular requests from people asking whether they could get their hands on the online training course.

So after some deliberation I’ve decided to re-release this course for a very limited time (10 days only) at a crazy discounted price with some great brucey bonuses thrown in to make this deal a no brainer for you:

You will receive instant access to:

1. The Sports Trading Journey 26 module Online Course
2. Step by step tutorials showing how to trade a wide range of different trading scenarios
3. Learn how to profit using small stakes before progressing any further
4. All Live Trading examples which you won’t see anywhere else
5. In-depth audio commentary explaining my thought process behind my trading decisions
6. Huge range of diverse styles and techniques explained and taught to copy
7. Chuck’s Mentality Training Course – £97 Value
8. Two x 30 minute trading extra training videos – £47 Value
9. 6 months FREE access to Odds Matcher Pro Software – £60 Value
10. (New Bonus) 3 Months, yes 3 months access to the Mastermind Webinar Course – £141 Value

Click here to watch the Video to find out more

This offer ends on Saturday 3rd August at midnight, and you will not see The Journey course priced this cheap ever again in this current fully unlocked course format.

Jump over to the link below right now to take advantage of this crazy price before I come to my senses and change my mind:

The Journey Online Training Course

Chat soon


So like the man says, just click above to find out more but remember the offer must end on 3rd August.

And if you are already an Oddsmatcher Pro subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be), then the extra 6 months will be automatically added to you current subscription.

Right then back to sunshine!


You can also now sign up for Jack’s FREE Training Series, which reveals how to begin your new career trading successfully in the Sports Betting Exchange Markets. Free videos and PDF downloads are also included….

Just click below for more details….

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