The Spoilers Most Excellent Excellents List

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Footy Blog, “The Spoiler” is one of our favourite online reads and the chaps have been working hard once again to bring some of the freshest football comment to you desktop with their latest Excellents Lists.

Here you can relive wonderful features like “10 Things that are more miserable than Souness”, “Footballers who should really be in bands” or “Six great back-heeled goals” and after the Barca show last night, “10 Greatest Ever Football Teams”. However we must protest at no inclusion of the Reading 2005-06 106 pointers!

Anyway that aside do read on…..

The Newbie Matched Betting Blog

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Bet72 user, “Eye of The Tiger” has offered to document their journey as a new convert to world of risk free betting. This will prove an invaluable guide to anyone just starting out and give you a realistic view of just how much a new user can make.

These sorts of blogs are a great idea and I am sure will really help people out so if anybody else has something or anything they wish to blog for us then just drop us a line at and we can get you talking to the world!

Anyway back to this one……………………………..

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Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 17th June

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Ah cash out time, my favourite bit. The £10 free bet token has been credited to my Mcbookie account so off to Oddsmatcher it is. Darren told me that whilst McBookie is not listed it is actually a sister site of Jenningsbet so selecting that gave me all the odds I needed and I plummed for this one.

Back the draw in the South Africa v New Zealand game at odds of 5.50 with the free £10
Lay it on Betfair with £7.69 at odds of 5.90. The liability was £37.68 and this added another £7.31 risk free profit to the pot.

Time for another then, the £25 free bet at Stan James looks good and we found this one over in Uruguay.

As luck would have it, 2 of my favourite Uruguayan teams, Nacional (Uru) v Palmeira, were playing !! No you are right, I have never heard of them, maybe Oddsmatcher should become part of the National Curriculum in all schools as it would certainly help today’s kids with their Maths and Geography!

Anyway the bet was:

Back Palmeiras with £25 at 2.88 at Stan James
Lay Palmeriras with £24.74 at 2.96 at Berfair, using £48.49 from the account and securing the next £25 freebie for a £1.50 loss.

So where are we now, £41.29 up overall and a free £25 bet to come.

We should break the £50 barrier tomorrow from just our first 5 bookmakers, not bad for a beginner.

Total Profit: £41.29

Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 16th June

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Both bets from yesterday have settled and both lost so my Betfair balance is on the rise.

I emailed McBookie to to claim the free £10 and my free £25 bet was sat in Totesport so this looked a good one in the Sweden U21 v Belarus U21 game.

Back Draw at 3.50 with the free £25.00 at Totesport
Lay Draw at 3.80 with £16.67 on Betfair.  The liability was £46.68 so we had plenty to spare in Betfair and we have made another £15.83 profit!

No sign of the free bet from north of the border yet so that will have to wait for tomorrow but we have smashed the £35 profit barrier and only cashed out 3 bets!

Total Profit: £35.48

Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 15th June

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No time for me to do anything PC wise at the weekend so I was back onto the money making trail.

A quick email to Darren and he suggested McBookie (free £10) and Totesport (free £25) next, so off to Oddsmatcher then….

Spain U21 v Germany U21

Back Germany at 3.20 for £10 at McBookie
Lay Germany at 3.35 with £9.70.  £22.800 tied up in Betfair and just a 79p loss for the free £10.

You do need to email these guys after the bet has settled so that is from McBookie today then.

So straight onto Totesport and more unknown teams!

Start v Molde

Back Start at 2.30 with £25
Lay Start at 2.38 with £24.68 on Betfair.  Liability £34.04 and the free £25 for a loss of £1.56.

If you like a losing day today as I am £2.35 down but when you think about it I have £35 in free bets to come, so in effect I have bought £35 in bets for £2.35, seems like a bargain to me!

Total Profit: £19.65

Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 11th June

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Time to cash out at Paddypower. Some great team names I have never heard of coming up in Oddsmatcher, but it is the profit figure I am interested in so the teams don’t matter!

This match was Kolding FC v Lyngby in the Danish First Division.

Back Draw at 3.40 with the free £25.00 at Paddypower
Lay Draw at 3.85 on Betfair with £15.79. The liability on Betfair for this bet was £45.00, and netting me £15 profit in the process.

Out for the night but back home to check the results, not that it effects the profit, but so I know when the cash has ended up, no draw so an extra £15 in Betfair, hurrah!

So day 2 of the challenge and already £22 up, I like, I like!

Total Profit: £22.00

Eye of the Tiger Newbie Blog – 10th June

June 10, 2009 by  
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Let’s start with a couple of bookmakers I have heard of Ladbrokes and Paddypower plus Darren had said the free bets are instant credited so we could be in profit on day one, marvellous!

Anyway Oddsmatcher threw up these initial bets so this is what I did.

Back England v Andorra at 1.01 for £10 at Ladbrokes
Lay England at 1.02 on Betfair with £10.41. My liability on Betfair was just 21p, nice!

Giving an overall loss of 11p but a free £10 bet to come.

I immediately checked my account and the free tenner had been instantly credited (just like the man said!)

OK Oddsmatcher again, remembering from what I read on the site, that when dealing with stake not returned offers we need higher odds selections.

Back Finland v Russia at 5.00 for the free £10
Lay Finland at 5.00 with £8.08. My liability on Betfair was £32.32 for a £7.68 profit and still enough in the pot to get the next bet on.

I liked the look of this one….

Back FC Brasov v Poli Timisoara at 2.50 for £25 at Paddypower
Lay FC Brasov at 2.48 on Betfair with £25.72. This tied up £38.07 in Betfair but secured the free £25 bet (again instantly credited) for just 57p!

I was now running too low on funds in Betfair to cash out that night so that will have to wait until these have settled but I am already £7 in profit with a free £25 bet in the bag too, maybe it really is that easy.

Total Profit: £7.00

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