7th May

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Another day dominated by a bookmaker with slightly less hair than I have. Yes we finally had confirmation that the Chester Races refund offer at Betfred was actually £200 per person per race and not £200 overall.

I feel slightly aggrieved that I have only just had this confirmed in writing as we could have taken a few more £’s for the pot on Thursday but with any ambiguous T&C’s always, always, always air on the side of caution until you have it confirmed and clear in your mind else walk away.

Never mind it is all free money, so there was only one thing to do….results below!

Elsewhere I dived into the Thunderstruck II promo over at Ladbrokes, wagering my £25 on their new slot for £3 profit with a £25 bonus to come and in the process have chipped away at some of my wagering requirement on my 3 card poker bonus, so all good.

That was about it for the day, apart for trying to sweet talk a few more bookmakers to follow the lead at 888Sport and help boost the donation funds. Even if they don’t I am well on the way to over £1500 personally I would say judging by the offers coming down the line so that is fantastic so c’mon guys and gals if this blog (or indeed the site) has made you a few extra pennies please consider a donation. Can we get to £2K!!

Daily result (from the Betfred Offer)

13:45 – No Bet
14:15 – +£6.38
14:45 – +£27.05
15:15 – +£14.12
15:55 – No Bet (Stall One – 130 to lay on Betfair last time I looked!)
16:30 – +£24.22
17:05 – +£5.87

Total = £77.64

Plus cashed the £200 freebie out for £165.55 so certainly had worse days!


Ladbrokes Thuderstruck II : £3

Today’s Profit: £246.19

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £1313.69



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