10th May

Posted on May 11, 2010 by  

Another quiet day offers wise, had stacks of techie work to do on the site so had to focus on that more as we need everything 110% ready for the World Cup.

That said I did cash out the Ladbrokes Bonus by wagering it on a couple of other offers. Slots have not been kind to me this month really and the increase wagering at Ladbrokes does make them less profitable than before so I only really get involved when I am at a loose end. Suffice to say I basically lost the £25 bonus wagering for a couple “Test of Strength” bonuses which turned out to be 5 free spins = £0 and £5 in chips and ended up with £3.50 from all that, wow!

Today’s Profit: £3.50

Total Profit Raised for Donation: £1331.29



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