You Gotta Be In It To Win It (again)

Posted on March 16, 2012 by  

Once again, the headline of this post proves to be our basic motto.

Take one seemingly easy to ignore/dismiss offer. This time at Blue Sq

£5 Risk Free on Thursday 15th March. Come and try our great Rainbow Riches game – risk free!

All you have to do is deposit and spend £5 on Rainbow Riches on the 15th March and if you don’t win, we’ll give you your money back the next day, up to £5!

All versions of Rainbow Riches are included in this offer including our mobile game Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold.

This offer is only available on Thursday 15th March and only for losses up to £5. We hope you have the luck of the Irish!

And add in the attitude, it’s risk free so why not?

And this is the outcome….

Not too shabby from a £1 spin and 30 secs work is it.

Once again this shows the value of a) having an account in the first place (with as many bookies as you can) so you can jump on board the offers as they appear and b) keeping upto date with to see what is hot in the world of offers.

Don’t forget you can get all the latest breaking offer news on our TWITTER page and on FACEBOOK too

So the moral of this story, well there are 3 actually….

Be Happy (with have never seen so many money making opportunities)

Be Prepared (with you accounts ready to go)

Be on Bet72 (if it looks like an offer and smells like an offer, we will be on the offer)

Of course if you need any help, advice or ideas about which bookmakers to do next then please drop us a line anytime at


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