What If………?

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Perhaps the most important question for anyone trading any market is “What If”…..

Well did you know it is inbuild into the standard Betfair website so you can play out all price permutations and green screens anytime and all for free, marvellous.

Below, Bingo Little from The Nugget Crew explains more…..

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Also in writing this I was reminded of this blast from the past, which is still very relevant today, so be careful what you buy…….

We have recently seen a tremendous upsurge in “holy grail” betting systems and even claims in the national press about supposed Betfair Multi-Millionaires, so I thought I would show you how easy it is to become a Betfair Millionaire yourself.

Just use the What If options against any market you like and you can produce any wonderful screen output you like!

Don’t believe it, have a go yourself. Yes I remember becoming an instant millionaire after the England v Slovakia game…. (yet I still run bet72, there’s dedication for you!)


Be careful out there, there are alot of people who are very good with Photoshop too!


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