Use Fast Pictures to Scalp, Lay, Green up & Spot Market Moves

Posted on January 18, 2010 by  

During February The Sport Exchange Shop are offering a FREE 2 hour training course using fast racing pictures on in-running trading for all customers who take a 6 day package for £200 (days are chosen by you during February).

With the racing coming out of the winter thaw our in-house professional trader is offering a FREE 2 hour course on how to make profits on in-running racing with every 6 day package taken in the shop. This lets you learn techniques using faster racing pictures and internet with one-click software.

The first hour:

· setting up the fast one-click software
· describing the theory behind scalping
· what to look for in the market
· which horses to concentrate on
· how to get a green book
· other secrets of the professionals

The second hour is spent on live racing taking full advantage of fast pictures to get the best odds and quickest matches on Betfair. This hour puts the theory into practise along-side the expertise of the top in-play scalper in the shop.

To book your training session please contact Victor on or call 0789 984 8638


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