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Pro trader Tony Hargraves, or The Badger as many will know him (one of our membership site residents actually) has just released a new ebook EasyTraderPro2. It is a no nonsense guide to sports trading. EasyTraderPro2 is aimed squarely at beginners to the Betfair Trading world and contains clear guides on all aspects of Trading.

The price is currently £47, which is great value and there is a no-quibble risk-free for 8 weeks guarantee.

In summary the Easy Trader Pro 2 package offers:

Over a dozen profit-pulling Betfair systems – profit the way you choose

No more big backing and laying losses – profit the easy and pain-free way

A complete Package – ETP2 includes 12 systems, over 50 pages and hours of live video

Grab your copy today….


Tony has kindly allowed us to publish the first chapter from the book so you can get a feel for it.

So read on…..

Sports trading is very simple. It is exactly the same as buying and selling anything. If you buy a car for £3000 and sell it for £4000; you have done a successful trade. It is exactly the same as the stock market, the oil market, or anything that involves buying and selling. In the world of Sports Trading, buying and selling are known as laying and backing.

Rather than trading the price of oil or stocks and shares, you can trade the price of sporting teams, players, horses, dogs, or anything that you can imagine from the winner of American Idol to whether it will snow on Christmas Day or not!

To bet or trade? To back or lay?

Betting is something we all understand. I bet that something will happen. In horse racing I pick my horse and “bet” that it will win. If it does, I win money, if it loses s, I lose money. Fairly cut and dried and has been since the first ever bet was struck. The people who make the most money out of this are the bookmakers, as they decide the prices and collect all the money from lo sing bets. Then along came the betting exchanges.

Now I can BACK something to win, or I can LAY something to lose. And I can even set my own prices – if someone will match them. But still there is a possible drain on my finances. If I back a lo s e r, I lose. If I lay a winner, I lose. And losing hurt s my bank. So how do I make money from the exchanges without expo sing myself to bank draining losses?


In a nutshell, trading is betting on (backing) one outcome at one pr ice and then betting against (laying) the same outcome at a different pr ice. It can also mean backing more than one result in the same event or laying more than one result in the same event. It all depends on the prices.

Prices move for various reasons. Before the game a price will move as more people want to bet on an event and during the game prices move when goals or points are scored, players are injured, attacking players brought onto the field, weather conditions (in cricket) etc.

This manual will teach you about submitting trades, counter trades, in play trades, backing, laying, hedging, stop losses, and a myriad of other tools all designed with the important aim of protecting and growing your bank.

I have made a series of video s to show you what I do and ho w I do it. I will show you videos of me live trading on horses. I will show you screenshots of trades with explanations of how and what I did and the results of those trades.

You are no w entering the world of the Professional Sports Trader and seeing how they operate and why they win. This manual is base d on laying, backing and trading in and out of positions in certain sporting events. Once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to make money trading on almost anything. This used to be the domain of the share market traders and now you can see how they do it.

You need to stop thinking right no w that the secret to getting rich is winning money. This is the wrong thought process. The way to wealth accumulation and the way you need to think from this point on is not about winning, but eliminating, avoiding, and reducing your losses. If you can minimise losing trades, then winning trades and the bank balance take care of themselves.

There are three main messages you will gain from this manual. They won’t mean much now, but they will by the end.

1. Little and often.
2. Protect your capital at all costs.
3. Your state of mind is your best asset.

So click below to get your copy of the Easy Trader Pro 2 system……


Watch Tony in Action Here….



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