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The latest X-Traders Guide Podcast has just been released and always it is well worth a listen. The show is hosted by Full Time Pro Trader Matt Finnigan. Matt is involved in a number of very successful sites on Trading and Sports Markets.

Here is the lowdown on this week’s show along with a link to Matt’s site so you can have a listen for yourself…..

The trading mindset is on the agenda this week and the at the impact of losses can have on punters/traders and Matt gives a few pointers on how you can handle the emotions of suffering set-backs.

Matt Finnigan fly’s solo this week and as well looking through the mindsets talks about how you can leverage profits pre-game in football, what to look when spotting the trends.

He also has a cracking 40% discount to all new traders who wish to trade alongside him and all the other X-Traders at Pro X Trading.

Finally a look through the Premier League master tissue prices for the value in the markets.

Features include……

Pro X Trading News

Mindsets- Handling Losses

Pre-Game Football Trading

X-Traders Offer

Premier League matches

You can also follow Matt on twitter @mattfinnigan

Just click the banner to come and have a listen….(and catch up on all of his other great podcasts. Look out for week 11 it was a belter!)


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