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The latest X-Traders Guide Podcast has just been released and always it is well worth a listen. The show is hosted by Full Time Pro Trader Matt Finnigan. Matt is involved in a number of very successful sites on Trading and Sports Markets.

Here is the lowdown on this week’s show along with a link to Matt’s site so you can have a listen for yourself…..

The Premier League Markets are high on the agenda in this weeks show, are Man City worth taking on in the winners market? We answer this question and how you can structure low-risk trades in these kind of markets.

Matt Finnigan is joined on the show by Andrew Broker from bettingexpert and he will be sharing his wisdom on the Premier League markets including some cracking stats analysis on the relegation and top 4 finishes. Hot Horse is also discussed , which is better trading or backing them?

Finally; the Premier League returns this weekend and we have an early bird look at the this weekend’s fixtures to hopefully pinpoint some pre-game trading opportunities.

This Weeks Show

Pro X Trading (down-under)
Betting Experts Hot Horses – Backing or Trading?
Premier League Markets
Winners – Taking on Man City
Relegation – who is value for the drop
Top 4 finish (any 2 from 4)
Premier League matches.

You can follow Matt on twitter @mattfinnigan

You can follow Andrew on twitter @AndrewBexpert

Just click the banner to come and have a listen….(and catch up on all of his other great podcasts. Look out for week 11 it was a belter!)


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