The Tipsters That Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck!

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You’ve no doubt been tempted by the many tipsters and systems out there that promise to make you money betting, but very often the question is … How much money can they really make you?

Sure they might claim big winners and boast a high strike rate, but what about the losers that they don’t mention? Are the odds they claim realistic? And most importantly…What’s the bottom line profit figure?

It can be hard to get to the truth about tipster profits, but fear not because this is exactly where our exclusive and 100% independent SBC Tipster Reports can help you.

Our monthly Tipster Reports allow you to compare over 35 sports & horse racing tipsters like for like. For example….

  • Want to know the best performing tipsters over the last 6 months?
  • Want to know which tipster has the best monthly strike rate?
  • Want to know which tipster gives you the most bang for your buck?

Our Tipster Report tells you all these things and more so you can get to the truth about who really makes money betting.

What’s more as we are 100% independent, you can be sure that what we say is the truth – we never take any commission or kickbacks (unlike many other review sites) for our reports.

Below we have listed just a few of our monthly report tables for you to check out. It is but a very small snapshot of the Tipster Report (and we have had to protect the service names included), but it should give you a good indication of how useful they are.

Read on to find out more but if you want to pick up our latest monthly reports, you can download them instantly once securing a Secret Betting Club membership.

Example Table 1 – Top 5 Tipsters by Monthly Strike-Rate

This table lists the tipsters who make a profit month-in and month-out. The top service here makes a profit in just under nine months out of ten! Not bad for consistency.

A service with a high monthly strike-rate is ideal for those of you who like to make a regular profit.

Strike-Rate Comparison

Service 1 – 88%

Service 2 – 85%

Service 3 – 83%

Service 4 – 78%

Service 5 – 77%

Example Table 2 – Top 5 Tipsters by Return on Investment (ROI)

A Return On Investment (ROI) figure is extremely useful as it tells you just how much you have to stake in order to make a profit. Therefore the top service here with a 41.72% ROI will make you £41.72 profit for every £100 staked.

A service with a high ROI is ideal for those of you who want to make the biggest return for your money.

ROI Comparison

Service 1 – 41.72%

Service 2 – 32.82%

Service 3 – 32.72%

Service 4 – 20.43%

Service 5 – 17.70%

Example Table 3 – Top 5 Tipsters by Total Return On Capital (ROC):

The Return On Capital (ROC) is another excellent marker to select the best tipster services as it helps put their profits into context. ROC calculates the profit in relation to the account sized required.

For example a tipster with a 100% ROC would generate a profit of £1000 from a £1000 starting point. Service 1 below therefore would have turned a whopping profit of £15,910 from only a £1000 starting point!

A service with a high ROC is ideal for those of you who want to know who will make their money go the furthest!

ROC Comparison

Service 1 – 1591%

Service 2 – 837%

Service 3 – 714%

Service 4 – 508%

Service 5 – 480%

More Than Just Numbers!

There’s more to betting than just stats, you need to know about odds availability, customer service and other practical issues of following a tipster. We also cover all these things and more in our monthly SBC Issues which include…

  • A detailed description on each monitored service and our current thoughts on them.
  • Ability to see which services we list in our ‘Hall of Fame’, those we can heartily recommend.
  • Our unique SBC ratings for each service for everything from level of profits on offer to customer service.
  • Details on the many specific savings, discounts and free trials exclusive to SBC members only.

That’s not all though, because as a member you also get the following benefits….

  • Access to our members only website, which list all our past reviews and articles in A-Z and key word searchable format.
  • Access to our back catalogue of monthly issues, dating all the way back to May 2006.
  • Access to our members’ only forum, which is full of shared insight into the world of betting and tipsters. You can pick up valuable tips and experience from our helpful community.

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Best Regards,

Mike Bishop and Dan Jones
Co-editors, Secret Betting Club
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