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Ever wanted to dip your toe into the world of Forex Trading but didn’t know where to start.

Well let us show you how in 3 easy steps…

See.  Follow.  Copy.

With eToro’s latest trading innovation, OpenBook, the social trading network.

We are very excited by this platform here at bet72 and are currently putting together a series of education videos and documentation to show everyone the unbelievable features of this trading software.

  • See for yourself how the million members of eToro’s community are trading right now
  • Follow the strategies of the top traders and spot new trading opportunities for yourself
  • Copy any trade that you want to, at the click of a button

OpenBook is a giant leap forward for social trading communities because it lets traders interact with each other as never before and use their interaction to deliver real benefits to their trading: live and in real time. Traders can use the OpenBook to share information and tips with each other and to learn new and better approaches to trading. By interacting across the OpenBook network with experienced traders, even absolute beginners can put the knowledge of experienced traders to work in their own trading.

OpenBook is suited to every kind of trader, regardless of their level of experience. Experienced traders can interact with other trading pros and share knowledge for mutual enrichment and new traders can even pick themselves a guru, follow their strategy and start earning the benefit of their experience by copying their trading action.

And launching on 26th June is the next stage of the revolution, Copytrader.

CopyTrader will allow eToro traders not only to see how others trade but also to follow the best traders automatically. Just find a trader in OpenBook, decide how much money you want to use in copying the trader (you can use either Real or Virtual money) and click copy to automatically open and close the same trading positions at the same time as your favourite trader does. Brilliant.

Once you copied this trader, you can view and manage the entire automated trading activity, live with full transparency and full control. There are no management fees, commissions or any other hidden costs. CopyTrader is open for everyone on the OpenBook platform.

So what are you waiting for, just click below to learn more and try OpenBook for yourself. A whole world of trading opportunities awaits.


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