The Man’s A Genius

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The word genius is often banded about and very misused but what the hell, the email I got from Big Mike Marsland was, well, genius.

Update – Big Mike Strikes Again….

Received this in my inbox…….

In Racing today wait until as late as possible here as there are just 8 runners and its a magical frame. I fear brown envelopes. However if 8 go to post then we have a mathematical advantage. Colebrook is 1.45 for the place site via a Bookmaker but you can lay back now to the Betfair place site at 1.19 so a 26 tick profit before the start! Mind you 8 still have to run so be watchful.

Got Colebrook at 5/2 (3.50) each way so 1.50 for the place and laid for 3.6 in the win market and 1.20 in the place market.

All panned out perfectly for just under a 9% ROI as we fully backed / laid before the off this time. As it turned out Colebrook was Unplaced so that was a nice top up for our Betfair account.

Like we say, Genius.

See for yourself (here is an extract of what I got)….Over to you Mike.

Big Mikes Monday Column

I used to get very excited about a bet which `looks` the part at Ffos Las. 12.45. Here we have – which on the face of it – looks a `Golden Goose`. They come along maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Bookies hate them. I can assure you this morning that all Stationers in West Wales will run out of brown envelopes as the layers will be looking to reduce the race to <5 which of course will scupper the trade.

If the unlikely happens and 5 run (!) then the bet works like this…….

Captain Sharpe – Play £100 ew at BOG which is 7/1 with bet365

Concentrate on the Place side.

At SP the 7/1 is equivalent to 2.8 ish The Lay Price on Betfair is 1.3. So via SP / BOG if placed you will pick up £175 for £100 place stake. If you lay £200 back to Betfair it will cost you £60.

So if the horse places you pick up a net £115 and if unplaced you will pick up a net £100 (£200 less £100).

Now on the win side its more difficult. Here you are relying on a subsidy from the place bet and also a bit of in running support from the lemmings.

The first thing to do is assess your profit if the horse wins which will be £700 at BOG. Then pre start you must change your focus into `liability`. Try and lay back as much as you can for a Liability of £400. I think you will get about £60 back via betfair at current prices.

Then you are reliant on the lemmings to retrieve the balance of your £100 as this bet in effect is geared to the place winnings. So I would suggest mines at 6.2, 5.2,4.2 & 3.2 and just in case a big one at 1.7.

It’s a purely mathematical exercise and geared to the place site BUT all this is useless (as I suspect) brown envelopes will show their face before 12.45.

Good luck if popping your toes in the water.

This all panned out to perfection.

In fact Captain Sharpe drifted to 8/1 (9.00) at the off. So we effectively had odds of 3.0 on the place against 1.3 to lay on Betfair. The 1/10 fav Hollow Tree easily won the race (Captain Sharpe came in 2nd) and whilst none of our in-running bets were matched we have laid £45 off pre-race in the win market at 10’s. So our £100 EW returned £300 at the bookie for £100 profit less our £60 place lay at Betfair for £40 profit and we had £45 (£43 after comm) lay winner at Betfair for a £83 overall profit.

Like I say GENIUS!

Who are we talking about? Mike Marsland FCA, a former Chartered Accountant, turned full time professional horse racing and sports betting strategist and founder of the Big Mike’s Betting Service

And it not just all about the horses either. If there is a strategic angle to be had then Mike is on it. Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Football all feature heavily in his advice too.

Click Here to Listen to Mike’s interview about how he operates with Mike Bishop from Secret Betting Club (that’s a lot of Mike’s on the mics)

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2 Comments on "The Man’s A Genius"

  1. Paul Romain on Tue, 29th Nov 2011 12:44 pm 

    If only I understood all that!! Would like to get involved but I can see myself losing shedloads trying to follow those instructions in running especially. Needs a lot of simplification for the layman imo

  2. Darren Hall on Tue, 29th Nov 2011 5:32 pm 

    Yes this is not necessarily a starter bet, just an example of the type of strategic advice that Mike gives out. His support is excellent too so well worth a look there is loads of stuff inside the site like this.

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