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On Sunday we released our latest edition of the Secret Betting Club newsletter, complete with all the information you will ever need to make money betting.

This month we look at a number of tipsters and services that most people are currently unaware of and in doing so have uncovered at least one absolute gem!

As an extra special added bonus we have also shared details of a fantastic free racing system that has made a 56% ROI since 2004!! Not bad for a nice little extra!!!

If you want to pick up this latest edition (issue number 37), the fantastic free racing system as well as our ENTIRE back catalogue and more besides, please visit for instant access:

Highlights from Issue 37 Include:

• In an exclusive review, we reveal the little-known boxing tipster who’s been giving the bookies a bloody nose for years. This is the first tipster we have seen for this sport and they are taking advantage of the bookmakers ignorance in this area to make excellent profits. You can too.

• Another exclusive review, this time on the football tipster specialising in accumulator bets. They’ve had a storming time of it recently, making a whopping 654 pt profit in April 2009 alone!

• The latest in our series of articles from our very own Betfair trading guru, who reveals his secrets for success from trading on live sports. This month he guides you through exactly how to trade a profit from live one day cricket games. With the Twenty 20 world cup about to start, there is no better time to learn this new skill!

• The Golden Key racing system is put through its paces after a thorough 8 week trial. As always our SBC testing raises points that other reviews do not. Essential reading for anyone interested in purchasing this system.

• The new Betting Master class series, is our step by step guide to becoming a betting success. This month’s article goes right back to the beginning and explains how to set up a betting bank that minimises risk and maximises profiits.

• The latest exclusive column from successful punter and SBC member JP (of JP’s Betting Blog website fame). This month he talks about the ongoing progress of his portfolio, the issues he has faced as a gambler and insight into his plans for the future.

There is also plenty written about a variety of other tipsters (both the good and bad!) that we have looked into recently including:

Smart Money PunterLow Lay
The Betting Blueprint
2 Ponies
Favourite Lays
GG King
Greek Lays
Just Under 25
Stable Bets
The Lay Place
Jamie Kelly (5 Star Tipster & Sky Tips)
Football Soccer Bets
Serial Punter
Sports Betting Manuals

If any of the above have interested you or crossed your path recently, this months issue will be of definitive interest to you!

And as always each month we offer our members:

• Reduced subscription rates, special offers and free trials for a number of recommended betting services that are exclusively open to our members.

In addition to all this, Issue 37 also continues to takes advantage of all the extra sections of our monthly issue, which includes:

• A fantastic customizable spreadsheet listing the performance for each betting service we monitor over 6 months, 12 months and all-time performance. Find out who is the best tipster!

• The ability to sort and rank each service via different calculations such as strike rate, cost, betting bank size, losing runs, winning runs and return on investment.

• Our exclusive SBC developed ratings that calculate quickly for members, just how effective and profitable a service really is.

• A regular monthly update section, which contains a written analysis regarding the services we monitor and our latest thoughts on them and their effectiveness.

• Knowledge on who is hot and who isn’t in the betting and tipping world. Who exactly should you be following with your own money?

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As a member you get the following benefits:

• Each month you receive our e-magazine with all the latest articles, features, reviews and developments in our renowned jam-packed issues which are free to all members. In addition, as a new member, you’ll also gain access to all of our past monthly reports stretching all the way back to May 2006!

• No need to trawl through our past magazines for information. As a member, you get access to our private website, which list all our past reviews and articles in A-Z and key word searchable format.

• Want more detail? We summarise key results for you, but if you want to dig a little deeper, you can spend time analysing our unique monthly spreadsheets which list the latest and historical performance of over 40 tipsters that we continuously monitor. These spreadsheets include performance ratings that you won’t find anywhere else.

• You can also join the debate at our members’ only forum which is full of shared insight into the world of betting and tipsters. You can pick up valuable tips and experience from our helpful community.


By joining today not only will you receive a full 12 months worth of future issues but also our full back catalogue. We have just released our 37th edition, so this equates to 49 issues for the price of 12 as well as access to our membership website at so you can’t say fairer than that!

To join our service costs the equivalent of just 20p a day for a year. When you consider the money you could make with the right information and the money you will save by avoiding the scams, we like to think we are providing excellent value for money.

You can also join with confidence as we offer a full 12 month money back guarantee if at any time you are not satisfied with our service. No strings attached so if you’re not 100% pleased with what we do for whatever reason, we will refund you in full.

Seriously, no small print and no hidden conditions. We passionately believe in only providing a service that you find useful.

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Best Regards,

Mike Bishop and Dan Jones
Co-editors, Secret Betting Club

P.S. Not only do we provide independent reviews of betting systems & tipsters, we also have regular guest articles explaining easy to follow systems that use the Racing Post and how to really make your way in sports trading.

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