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News & updates from the desk of Secret Betting Club.

We are very proud of our 100% independent service here at the Secret Betting Club and the huge amount of reviews we do on all the latest tipping services. This is especially the case when we know that our work has helped countless numbers of our member’s to actually make money from their betting. Most of these members are just normal everyday people with an interest in betting, who through the information we provide have learnt exactly how to turn a profit from the bookmakers.

We would like to invite you to test our service and see how easy it is for you to also make money betting. Whether you’re a seasoned betting professional or total novice, there is something for you! After reading all our reviews and statistics on the tipsters to follow, we firmly believe you too can open up the possibility of being a professional gambler.

If interested in finding our more, do check out the detailed reviews on a whole range of tipsters, services and systems that we list at our Money Maker Review members’ website.

Some of the most recent reviews we have added this month include:

Football Betting Data
Platinum Punter
Sportonline Gambling Rugby
Open Ditch Racing
Factor 4 Racing
Risk Free Football
Plus articles from 3 betting professionals on:
Winning On 16 Runner Handicap Races
Strategies For Successful Sports Trading
How To Be A Winner Betting

Plus the first in an exclusive series of column’s from the man behind JP’s Blog, which is one man’s attempt to make money betting from tipsters.

You can access all our reviews in one place – Money Maker Review, which is the online ‘store-house’ for all the articles and reviews published in our Secret Betting Club newsletters. All members receive both our newsletters and access to the Money Maker Review site.

Some of the most popular reviews over recent months include:

Beginning With Sports Trading
Trainer Flat Stats
Punter Profits
Personal Info
It’s Lay Time
Dodgy Favourites
5 Star Tipster

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More and more articles will be listed over the coming weeks and months, so do keep visiting to keep up to date on all things in the tipster world.

For now though check out the current A to Z list of articles listed at Money Maker Review:

125 Bets
5 Star Tipster
All Round Tipster
Andre Gomes
Asian Capper
Auto Lays
Back Tipster
Bet 4 Value
Bet Accelerator
Bet Angel Pro
Bet Bank Alerts
Bet Bot Pro
Betfair Loophole System
Betting Expert
Betting Virtuoso
Big Mike Betting
Blue Sky Racing
Bob Rothman
Bookies Enemy
CashMaster System
Charles Hunter-Grey
Cracking Betfair
Cracking The Online Poker Code
Dodgy Favourites
Double The Odds
Dream Lays
Each Ways
Easy Betting
Easy Trader Pro
EBI Group
Equine Investments
Euro Tips
Exchange Cash Theory
Factor 4
False Favourites
Final Furlong
Football Loophole
Footy Lays
Football Betting Data
Football Elite
Format Racing
FP System (Matt Watson)
Frontline Lay system
Geoffrey Matthew
Goran’s Winners
Greg Gordon
Grey Horse Bot
Hi Lo Miracle
HiPro 86
Hot Punters
It’s Lay Time
Jack Lord Lays
John McCracken
Karl Dennis Raceletter
Kim Brassey
Lay Trader
Laying Seven
Lazy Lay
Legacy System
Lunchtime Trader
Mad Tipping
Magnum Racing
Mathematician Betting
Mayfair Racing
NH Star
On The Oche
One 4 Today
Open Ditch Racing
Oxfordshire Press
Pegasus Racing Club
Personal Info
PH Sports Betting
Place Compare
Platinum Punter
PJA Racing
Poker X Prodigy
Pro System Guide
ProForm Professional
Project Betfair
Punter Profits
R Vaughan
Racing Secrets Exposed
Racing Unlocked
Raj Patel & Soccer Revolution
Redd Racing
Risk Free Football
Scottish Football bets
Select Service
Skeeve’s Picks
Sky Blue Kangaroo
SOG Cricket
SOG Rugby
Sports Betting Champ
Sports Betting Index
Sports Betting Tips (Ian Burrows)
Sports Investor
Sport Online Gambling
Stable Lad
Stable Whispers
Star Arbs
Stats On Sport
Steve Lewis Hamilton
Sure 2 Profit
Symbiotic Lay System
Tennis Bankroll
Terry’s Lays
The Betfair Secret
The Betting Masterpiece
The Oracle
The Insider Mr X
The Money Vault
The Staking Machine
The Trading Project
The Underground Market
Tipping Legends
Tips For Betting
Top Naps
Trainer Flat Stats
UK Horse Racing
U Cant Lose
Value Horse Method
Win 2 Win
Win In Tennis
Win On Sports
Winners Of Wealth
Winners To Losers
Winning Racing Tips
X Lays

Betting Articles

The Credit Crunch & Betting
Betting System Development
Pricewise Secrets
JP’s Blog
Winning on 16 runner handicap races

How To Be A Winner

Sports Trading on Betfair
The Beginning
Strategies For Trading


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