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Just had the news we had been waiting for from our friends The Nugget Crew, aka Adster and Bingo over at Trading Football Their new football trading videos have been released ready for the World Cup.

If you are not familiar with these chaps then look up some of our previous postings (click here)
If you are familiar then you should be all over this, some massive opportunities with 64 very tradeable games coming up in the next month!

Anyway will hand you over to The Nugget Crew……

Hi all,

The long awaited day has finally arrived. Bingo and I have been working non stop over the last week to edit, add captions/audio, transitions to make the videos as easy as possible to follow. We have split the videos into 3 different categories, ‘Starter’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’.

We will offer these videos at 20% off until the first game on Friday between South Africa and Mexico. So order now!!!!

As some of the old ones are mixed in with the new ones we have decided to do a ‘Pick and Mix’ to allow our troops to just purchase the new videos either as a package or as individual ones. Each set will come with the Nugget Green Book FREE.

We’re also waiting to hear back from Peter Webb from Bet Angel regarding throwing in Bet Angel/Soccer Mystic for a period for anyone buying our videos. So whilst at this point we can’t commit and promise to this we will try and do all we can to throw in a free period of the best software out there to help in your trading for a certain time FREE. So we will make a note of anyone purchasing the videos and hopefully be in a position to send those details over to Peter Webb. More information when we get it on this.

These really are a must before the World Cup to maximise profits via new and different strategies that you can incorporate into matches.

Here is the link with all the details…

Trading Football

Here are some of the highlights from each set which can be previewed on the above link:


• A Day in the life of the Nugget Crew – Watch how we prepare for a days trading and spot any Nuggets for our members.

• Bet72 – Our good friend and partner Darren Hall shows you how to use bookmakers to make some risk free cash.

• API Software – Adster shows how important software is for enhancing your trading skills.

• Insurance Theory – At Nugget HQ we trade using one market as an insurance on another. Here bingo shows this in depth.

• Liquidity – Just how important is liquidity when trading? We show you here.

• £360 in one hour – See how bingo makes £18 in 3 minutes.


• Corruption – Is there such a thing in sport? Watch this video and make your own conclusions.

• Bingo’s Bistrot – Here bingo shows you how to make money before the game starts via backing and laying certain scores.

• NAC/Nearly All Covered – One of our newer strategies that has been making regular profit from arbing one market against another.

• Nugget Nibble – Covering 2 scores for games with certain criteria can work very well.

• Reducing the red/Scalping – Adster shows you how to reduce the red on the correct score market via scalping and software.

• Lay the draw compilation – The name sums it up!

• CoverS – Two videos showing how to profit from Over 2.5 and backing lower scores.

• Intro and Trading Multiples – Bingo goes through an introduction to a tricky market then shows an example via another video.

• 3 Markets – Whilst we usually trade 2 markets here bingo goes one further with 3 markets!

• Correct Score – How do we juggle 6/7 scores from kick off in play and come out for a profit? Here’s how.

• Asian Handicap – A lesser known and used market. Adster shows how it can be used to make a tidy return.

That link again…..


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