The Geeks Toy Trading Auction Spectacular for Children In Need

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Who said the betting and trading industry was all about, self, self, self.

Well “The Geek” the developer of The Geeks Toy trading software has come up with a fantastic idea to help raise some cash for charity all year round, and it is a great time to start, as it is Children In Need Week.

Introducing The Great Trading Charity Auction

To get involved just hop across to his forum, sign up for free, make an initial £10 donation and you can then bid on any of the fantastic packages on offer.

And wait till you see what is on offer!

Charity Prize Giveaway – Win £250

Charity Prize Giveaway – Win a copy of TradeSharks Tennis Guide

Charity Auction – £100+ Fairbot / Tradeshark Tennis / Nugget Crews BetNotes

Charity Auction – £300 Bet Angel + Tradeshark Tennis Trader Toolkit

Charity Auction – £2000 Betfair Personal Annual API Subscription

Charity Auction – €720 BFExplorer Subscriptions

Charity Auction – £200 Nuggets Football Trading Toolkit

Wow what a collection of products and prizes, that should help raise a very healthly sum for a great cause. Well worth an investment of some of your risk free profits I would say!

Naturally bet72 were delighted to endorse this great idea and also to do our bit too. So I am embarking on another “free-bet-a-thon” between now and the end of November and anything I raise will be added to The Geeks fund. Basically I will be doing any offers that come my way, blogging as I go and donating the risk free cash at the end of the month.

You can follow the blog by clicking below….

Should be a bit of fun and all for a very worthwhile cause.

If you haven’t come across The Toy software before then you are in for a treat. The Toy is a premium betting and trading application for Betfair, the world’s leading betting exchange. It is one of the highest performing, most user friendly, flexible and customisable applications in the marketplace today. It introduces many previously unseen features to boost your performance and productivity whilst trading. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. Not a free trial, not free limited functionality, but 100% FREE.

To find out everything that is going on with the auctions right now then get over to:

Plus to grab yourself a copy of the free trading platform it’s all on the homepage head for the bright, shiny download button and start trading, for FREE, today.

Here is a little taster of the software in action, for their latest video portfolio (the full set is coming soon to bet72)

The blog again is at….


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