The Ball is On It’s Way to South Africa

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Update…..From Dan’s blog……

Talk about Knackered!!!!

Yesterday i set the Guinness World Record for the longest ever recorded journey while continuously kicking or heading a ball, keeping the ball in the air for a staggering 36 miles, as I visited every Premier League football club in London.

The journey began at 8am at Fulham’s Craven Cottage, and ended fourteen hours later at Spurs’ White Hart Lane at 10pm.

Today I can’t believe the support from fans and the media for what I achieved yesterday and cant wait for the next one!! That is once I have had a rest, soaked my feet and had a pint.

Well done Dan, fantastic effort.

So what was this all about, here is the original post we made…………….

The Ball has been described as football’s equivalent to the Olympic Torch. Every four years, The Ball kicked off from its “Mount Olympus”, Battersea Park in London, where the very first game of modern rules football took place in 1864, yesterday and it’s final destination is the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.

Instead of being passed from hand to hand like the torch, The Ball is played with in as many kick–abouts and games of football as possible along the way to the host country.

On Tuesday January 26th, four times Guinness World Record Holder Dan Magness will attempt to break a world record, by juggling The Ball thirty miles across London, visiting all Premier League football stadiums in London in the process. The current world record stands at 26.1 miles. To successfully beat it, Dan Magness must keep the ball under control at all times using all parts of his body (except his hands) and keeping the ball off the ground.

At each football stadium — Craven Cottage, Stamford Bridge, Upton Park, Emirates and White Hart Lane — Dan will change shirts and reveal the football shirt of that particular Premier League team. Dan’s journey will begin at Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC and finish just before kick-off on the pitch at Tottenham Hotspur FC. Tottenham will be playing against Fulham in the Barclays Premier League at 7:45pm.

Good Luck Dan and here he is in action……

To learn more about The Ball visit…..


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