Sweet Charity

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Just had this in from the Trading Football guys Adster and Bingo who shall be trading the Manchester United v Manchester City game, live in their on-line trading room on Sunday and everyone is invited!

I suppose this should be entitled Sweet Community but I am old enough to always call this the Charity Shield and indeed that makes for a better headline, so there. Sorry waffling there, back to the point of this posting.

Yes the boys are hosting a live webinar to show all the trading moves as they happen.

Learn to profit from the beautiful game, just in time for the new season. We will walk you through a live trade on this Sunday’s Community Shield game, plus other live games, to show you what football trading is all about. Live Q & A, plus an overview of all our strategies. Sign up for the webinar and our 14 day free trial, join our fantastic trading community and get this season off to a profitable start.

Should be a great afternoon of trading, banter and hopefully some nice green screens. Hope to see you there.

The doors open at 1:45PM on Sunday so just pop across thenn

Community Shield Trading Webinar

or stop by their Facebook event page here to register your interest in the event


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