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Another great offer has just landed here at bet72 from the desk of the Secret Betting Club

Dear betting enthusiast,

If you have spent more than 5 minutes checking out some of the racing systems that are available on the internet, you will probably know many of them are not worth the paper they are written on!

Indeed, via our role here at the Secret Betting Club as betting product reviewers, this is never more obvious than when we report on some of the rubbish systems, which we warn our members to avoid.

You would certainly be right to assume that good racing systems don’t grow on trees…but there is one exception to the general rule, which we are proud to endorse ourselves.

This exception would have to be our very own 4 Pronged Attack (4PA) racing system, developed by a genuine professional gambler, which we supply totally for free to all new SBC members.

This August alone it has picked out 14 bets and found 4 winners at 14/1, 12/1 (twice) and 8/1 to help return a thundering £3,950 profit at just £100 stakes.

This is no flash-in-the-pan performance though as since the 12th May 2010 (when we began tracking) it would have made you £18,800.00 at the same £100 stakes from 306 bets.

Performance from 12th May 2010 to 23rd August 2011
At £10 stakes, you would have risked £4,515 and won £1,888
At £25 stakes, you would have risked £11,287 and won £4,720
At £50 stakes, you would have risked £22,574 and won £9,440
At £100 stakes, you would have risked £45,148 and won £18,880

How It Works

You need no knowledge of racing to follow the 4PA system, nor need you subscribe or pay for anything once you have it. Its completely free to follow, easy to understand and most of all – proven to be very profitable.

The building blocks for it take literally a few minutes to follow – and you can send you the details for free via email as soon as you join us here at the Secret Betting Club.

Join us and we will share with you all the details on how exactly you can follow the 4 Pronged Attack yourself. We have put together a concise user-guide so you can maximise its excellent potential for profit!

If you want to sign up immediately, jump over to Secret Betting Club and start following the 4 Pronged Attack today!

Best regards

The Secret Betting Club Team – Dan Jones, Mike Bishop & Greg Gordon

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