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You will know by now that at bet72 we are very excited by the revolutionary social investing network, eToro

Want to know why? Well take a look at this for starters.

Every week we bring you the top 5 traders from their OpenBook rankings. Take advantage of their talent by copying them straight into your account:

Top 5 Traders to 30/01/12

Username 6 Month Gain Copiers
FXemperor 22.8% 92
Gavinwright 258.9% 164
PPVijayakumar 211.4% 501
Moksel1972 261.8% 1651
peischen 83.2% 14

eToro have now added the Trade Story feature to its social trading application, OpenBook, that will enable traders to learn more about each other’s trades.

eToro OpenBook has revolutionized the way people trade to the core. No longer do private forex traders have to enter the financial markets in isolation and make their way through the intricate workings of the financial world in the dark. By connecting traders and creating a powerful investment network, eToro has enabled traders to join forces and use each other’s knowledge and experience to their advantage. Through OpenBook, eToro traders view live feeds of each other’s trading activities, follow top traders and gain their own followers, become market leaders of their countries, discover each other’s trading strategies and even copy trades with the click of a button. Now eToro innovates once more by introducing an additional feature to the social information stream – the trade story.

The “Trade Story” option becomes available when a trader closes a profitable trade, in order to give traders the opportunity to learn more about the forex strategy behind the trade. Once the closing action appears in the live feed, OpenBook users can click on the “Trade Story” link to open an additional panel which shows a graph of the trade (including open and close prices), the duration of the trade, the leverage used, and the profit percentage made on the trade. This information provides viewers with even more insight into the tactics that led the particular trader to profit, tactics which they can then implement in their own trading activity.

“The more traders can learn about the profitable strategies of other traders, the more they are able to take their own trading forward,” said eToro CEO, Mr. Jonathan Assia. “The trade story is an important aspect of how people trade and therefore the members of our community should have the opportunity to see it. After all, sharing information in forex is a win-win for everybody.”

The Trade Story feature is now live on eToro OpenBook and is taking social trading yet another step forward, proving that the power of online community is a force to be reckoned with in the financial markets as well as outside of them.

Learn the basics of forex trading and become a member of eToro’s social trading community to get the rest of the course and learn advanced forex trading strategies and techniques.

Just click below for full details and start copying what the top traders do, automatically…..


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