13 Proven Profitable Football Trading Strategies At The Click of Your Mouse

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How would you like to have all your betting systems, strategies and documentation at your fingertips each and every time you place a bet or trade a game plus 13 (yes count them 13) proven profitable Football Trading Strategies from the internet’s leading professional traders too. Thought so….

Let us introduce you to Betting System Notes.

Introducing Betting System Notes, a fantastically useful software product with real money making potential from the moment you buy it. Betting System Notes is a fully customisable online notepad / organiser where you can store all your notes for betting systems and strategies, trading rules and guidelines. Making them all instantly accessible at the click of a mouse. Anytime, anywhere…

We have produced teamed up with two of the best know professional football traders Adtser and Bingo Little, from the Trading Football website, to give you a fantastically useful software product with real money making potential.

If you are like me, you will have hundreds of systems, strategies and trading ideas scattered over umpteen eBooks, .pdfs, spreadsheets and other mediums and getting to them when you want to, cutting through the preamble and down to their nuts and bolts can be very time consuming. It’s certainly the last thing you need when you are preparing to place a bet or trade and worse if you are trying to do this live and in play.

Now you can have all that key information at your disposal, on screen and right where you need it, namely next to your web browser / trading software. It’s like having a professional trader looking over your shoulder helping you.

What’s more we have preloaded the software with 13 proven profitable Football Trading Strategies so you can hit the ground running and get straight into profit.

Like what you see? Thought you might, well you will like this even more……

And there is more…..For any purchase made at the moment you will also receive an exclusive copy of the Nugget Green Football Trading Book, packed with even more trading strategies and ideas to launch anyone into the profitable world of football trading.

And more again…… We are delighted to announce a little “bonus” for everyone purchasing the software, namely 9 (yes NINE) free videos showing the Betting System Notes strategies in action from the Nugget Crew premier collection. These videos are from the guy’s private chargeable video set so are fantastic in terms of content and quality.

Also we are currently working with other successful professional traders and system providers to introduce more strategies for this software and because you only need to purchase the software once these will be very competitively priced at just a few pounds per plug-in, so watch this space for more announcements soon.

Here is the menu of strategies included from the Nugget Crew (dunno where the boys get the names from!)….

Adster Aperitif
Bingo Bistrot
FIP (Faith In Paraguay)
Lay The Draw
Nearly All Covered (Back Any Unquoted)
Nearly All Covered (Back Over 3.5 Goals)
Nugget Nibble
SHS (Suggsy Halftime Strategy)
The Clint
The Metaltone
XT Starter

The software is also covered by our lifetime upgrade guarantee so as we add new features to it you will get the latest version automatically for free, for life.

So to get your hands on a copy today just click below, make your payment and have access to the software, strategies, videos and much, much more instantly……

Just goto www.bettingsystemnotes.com

And if you want to find out more about the Footy Traders themselves check out their site here…….


14 Comments on "13 Proven Profitable Football Trading Strategies At The Click of Your Mouse"

  1. Ger on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 11:59 pm 

    so anyone here tried it? do the other strategies look decent?

  2. Mark H. on Thu, 22nd Jul 2010 2:04 pm 

    I have been a member of Tradingfootball for the 7 months and am well in profit thanks to bingo and adster. Both know how to trade and are very helpful as well. Highly recommend their strategies.

  3. greg on Sat, 31st Jul 2010 10:16 am 

    I bought it handy if your pretty much new to this or if you have lots of trading methods you want to keep in one place as notes. Hopefully as it builds up with other sports to trade will become of even more use. Nice little purchase I would recommend.

  4. Bill on Tue, 10th Aug 2010 6:04 pm 

    What I like about this software is if the strategies used are updated you are notified by Darren or the NC which to me shows a caring service and not a take your money and run site.

    These sites are very genuine which in todays world is a rarity. And for the price Betnotes is well worth buying.

  5. jose on Thu, 12th Aug 2010 11:00 pm 

    so what happens if a goal is scored within the 10 minutes? from what i can see you will win £102.50 and lose £250. do we know the approximate odds of the under 2.5 market will jump to after a goal?


  6. John J. on Wed, 25th Aug 2010 10:25 am 

    Just purchased this from the nugget boys. All I can say is its a really helpful way to ease the question of when and what to use on each game. With the help of the video too it will be an excellent addition to the trading armoury.

    I have just booked a place on the trading football training seminars too out of profits made from their monthly service.

  7. vertexer on Sun, 29th Aug 2010 12:19 pm 

    im a member for 5 month. im in profit and i can say with a membership you can not doing wrong. you can learn very much about football trading and how to handle it alone. for fottball trades its the best site in the net were i had seen. and the membership price is fair. if you play the totd with the same stakes , the membership will be paid from alone.

    greetz vertexer

  8. Harry on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 2:26 pm 

    Bought these notes recently and find them very easy to follow and see which games to pick and which ones to avoid! Nothing is guaranteed but I need all the help with trading and if something gives you an edge it’s worth the investment.

    Darren and the Nugget Crew are decent and honest. Glad to have stumbled across them.

  9. Jeffrey Lewis on Wed, 10th Nov 2010 9:54 am 

    can the tool run on an Applemac ?

  10. Darren Hall on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 4:15 pm 

    Just seen this Jeff, sorry pal. No the software is Windows only but a web-based version is in final testing and will be out 1st Dec so watch this space!

  11. John on Thu, 6th Jan 2011 10:10 am 

    Hi Darren,

    any date for the web based version yet?

  12. Darren Hall on Thu, 6th Jan 2011 10:59 am 

    Early next week John, just want to add a few extras into the site. Should be really good!

  13. Jeff Lewis on Fri, 18th Feb 2011 9:09 am 

    Darren is the web based version working ?

  14. Darren Hall on Fri, 18th Feb 2011 12:01 pm 

    Yes the site is up and running now, I just need to add some extra content etc… but the software is available online, so all systems go!!


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