Proof – The Ball was not over the line….

Posted on June 28, 2010 by  

Thanks to our friends over at for clearing this up and no video technology needed.


That was the darkest day for English national football that I can remember in my lifetime, English PROFESSIONAL Footballers, ha don’t make me laugh. Actually I do a dis-service there to the English professionals from lower leagues who would give a shit and play with pride and passion for their England shirt, if they got the chance.

Change the manager, change the powers that be, change the bloody tea lady at the FA if you like but if the XI who pull on the shirt, continue to think more of their clubs, their agents, James “*&$!ing” Corden and their own self inflated celebrity status then we haven’t got a chance and never will.

Surprising we have found a couple of things from Black Sunday that made us smile…….

The Sweet Taste of Success

Argie Bargie


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