Pay What You Want and Sit Where You Want

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Here’s a really great idea to put a stop to falling attendances around the country…..Pay What You Want and Sit Where You Want.

Hats off to Mansfield for coming up with something like this and in an era of take, take take in football, it is great to see someone giving something back to fans.

Here are all the details from The Stags website…….


We are offering the people of Mansfield a one-off opportunity to pay ANY admission price to watch our home match against Gateshead on Saturday 6 February 2010.

The revolutionary decision was made by our four owners as a token of thanks to the people of Mansfield for their support.

People can simply turn up on the day and pay any amount at the turnstile.

Spectators can sit anywhere in the stadium (except in Season Ticket Holders’ seats and the North Stand) as the entire ground will be open for the match.

Season Ticket Holders’ seats will remain reserved and they are advised to bring their season ticket books as usual.

This once-in-a-lifetime offer will also apply to Gateshead supporters.

Chairman Andrew Perry told “This is a gesture to the whole town and outlying districts.

“The Town has supported us since the takeover of the club and we are now giving something back to the community by allowing people to come to the match for a price which they decide.

“Spectators will not have to buy tickets, all they have to do is simply turn up on the turnstile and pay what they like.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for the people of Mansfield to get behind the manager and players in our bid for promotion.Let’s pack the ground for this match and roar the team on to victory.

“Season Ticket holders are also welcome to make a donation if they so wish.

“All monies which have come into this great football club since the start of the season, have gone towards the playing budget.”


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