Nobody Knows Where My Johnny Has Gone….

Posted on March 17, 2010 by  

The story that just won’t go away, even the Italians have got in on the act. Whilst the Chelsea team board the coach in Milan, a TV prankster presents Johnny with, well a Johnny, very droll.

Also more jolly japes on Facebook……


I am sure we will be adding to this article many more times, the material is almost endless!


Ah yes, an autograph hunter tries to trick John Terry into apologising to Wayne Bridge…..

Classic dialogue….

They ask him to write: “To Wayne, I’m sorry”.

Terry replies: “To who?” They say, “Wayne” and then: “Just put sorry.”

Terry realises the ruse and asks: “Are you f****** winding me up?”

But he carries on writing – and signs: “To Wayne, best wishes.”


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