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Looking for some more football startegies for the new season.

Breaking News….

A Champion start for the new NAC strategy as Champions Chelsea gave us a profitable start to the new Premiership season. 3-0 after 55 mins brought this strategy to life and by the time “Fat Frank” had stuck in number 4 we had maximised our profit on this one, with 27 mins still to go! In fact on basic stakes you could have made enough profit to pay for the whole Betting System Notes software itself. Brilliant!

Next stop Old Trafford on Monday for this strategy, as that games fits the bill perfectly for this. But we do have 10 other strategies to play with before then. Welcome back football!

Listen to the NAC Strategy in action!


Well before the final big kick off, the Nugget boys have made a couple of “tweaks” to a couple of the strategies in our software package, Betting System Notes, which should help yield even better results for the coming season.

UPDATE: FIP – Faith In Paraguay

This hugely successful strategy has now been improved with additional cover on some of the other scores to make this even lower risk with a bigger ROI potential.

UPDATE: Brand News – NAC – Nearly All Covered

Here is a alternative strategy on the same theme as the current documented one, with the benefit of covering even more scorelines, so this can become NAC version 2.

For games with strong home sides i.e. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U who score goals, the NAC will work very well this season.

Great example on Tuesday, used this on the Leeds / Lincoln and Leicester / Macclesfield Carling Cup ties and pulled in over £40 in profit on base level stakes.

Not great liquidity so the markets were a little gappy but goals galore meant little trading was required anyway, a real sit back and relax type of trade method, just what I like.

In fact the Leeds game was the Nugget Crew’s Trade of the Day and it all went exactly to plan (obviously staking advise is included for purchasers)……


Back over 3.5
Back under 2.5
Back 2-1 and 3-0


Under 2 goals and at worst we will be looking at £5 loss. Plenty of goals potentially we’re looking at around £15 to £35 profit at base level stakes. We get 3 goals inside 65 mins we can then cover the outstanding danger, for example the score is 3-0, we can put more on the 3-0 knowing over 3.5 is our money pot! Why pick this game? Well past head to heads have produced goals, there are 2 divisions between them, Lincoln have been poor away last season and Leeds were strong. Leeds were promoted and Lincoln finished in 16th place. Also saw Leeds at the weekend and they produced plenty of chances against Derby losing 2-1 whilst looking likely to concede too!

Also am making good progress with the website so should be an announcement to follow soon which will give you access to an online version of the software and also even more hints, tips, updates and example videos. This will also allow us to distribute the strategy updates in a much better format than email, well it is the 21st century now!

And again last night, this time featuring a Norweigean game. So you see it is not all Prem, Prem, Prem for these strategies……

3 goals in 36 minutes so plenty of time to trade out for a profit. Remember when doing the NAC and FIP you do not need to rely on 4 goals for NAC or 5 goals for the FIP. There is plenty of opportunity to trade out before that.

For example with the NAC the trigger is 3 goals. (And the same can be applied to the FIP). If you have 2-1, 1-2 covered and the score is 2-1 which you have covered another goal means over 3.5 so all you have to do is hedge by EITHER laying off the 3.5 at a low price or putting more on the 2-1 scoreline. So in this game once the score was 2-1 after 36 minutes I would have backed more on 2-1 to win whatever the outcome.

I’ts a beautiful strategy that will be used for Premiership games where the average goals last season was a whopping 2.77 goals per match.

Breaking News…..

Just got Adster (from the Nugget Crew) to knock up a quick bonus video for all purchasers of the software showing the latest revised strategy, Nearly All Covered, in action, as I firmly believe this will be one of the most profitable ones for the new season ahead.

Here we see Under 2.5 and Over 3.5 Goals covered along with the 2-1 and 1-2 correct scorelines.

Sit back and wait for the goals to go in. The trigger point for trading is goal number 3 and the profit is locked in.

Please note the staking and returns here. Total stakes = £105, returns = £145. +38% ROI, now you won’t get that down the high street bank, not ever and all with very low risk.

All makes this a very exciting strategy for the new season. I will be doing some videos of my own once the Premiership is in full swing and of course if you have any of your own (or winning screenshots so send them in and we can give our prizes to the best ones throughout the season).

So don’t miss out, grab you copy today using the link below……


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