New Balls Please

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I have always had an interest in Trading Tennis. The sheer number of trading opportunities in every game makes it a potentially very lucrative market.  With this in mind and with the first major of 2009 the Australian Open starting on 19th Jan then we got hold of a copy of the excellent Tennis Trading League from Patrick Ross to see what we can do with some proven strategies over the duration of the tournament.

For more info on the systems have a look at Partick’s site, there is some great FREE advice to get you started.

I have not really been able to get involved at anything like the level I wanted too so I cannot order the new yacht just yet but when I have trading I have done so with confidence.

Only playing minimum stakes at the moment but a profit is a profit and the important thing was the strategies outlined in the systems helped me plan my entry and exit points very well.  We have all but covered the cost of the system so now we have it for free, forever!

I fully intend to use the systems whenever I can throughout the year and will report on my activity here.  Looks like a great addition to the monthly drip feed of profits……



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  1. rick on Sat, 25th Apr 2009 1:26 pm 

    Ive heard that if u want to trade this tennis system,u must be able to watch live games with no delay otherwise it doesnt realy work? I have virgin sport channels,does anyone know if this is ok to trade thisa system or is there a delay aswell?Where can u watch tennis where there isnt a delay?

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