It Feels Like Christmas Is Coming Already!

Posted on August 3, 2011 by  

We have some very big news coming very soon over at our sister site, a new piece of software that will revolutionise the way you trade football matches forever.

Nicknamed “MarketMatcher” the software will find potential trades on the day’s inplay football on Betfair by matching our proven profitable trading strategies with the up and coming games, genius!

Update: More profits in testing, this time a 45% ROI on an Adster Aperitif

Update: And again, this time a 58% ROI on a Nugget Nibble, wow!

Remember we are using really minimal stakes here as the liquidity is far from upto full speed yet, but the profits just keep on coming!

This software is still in beta testing but all the signs looking good for lift off very, very soon.

Update: I gave it a little whirl and pulled over 50% ROI profit on a very low liquidity game featuring Rapid Bucharest and Genk, kerching!

I only used £30 trading stakes here and pulled in almost half the cost of joining the site for life in under an hour! And the best news of all, it will be FREE for everyone who has joined the website

As you can imagine we are really excited by this new application, the testing goes on for us to make sure everything is ready for the new season. So watch this space for all the latest development news, feels a little like the build up to Christmas for me this!

In fact better still, get over to and join our mailing list over there, not only will you be first to know when the application is available but you can also pick up a free trading strategy and 3 (yes 1-2-3) of our premium videos to help get you started.

Or even better, better still. Sign up to the website, start playing with the brilliant current software and all the extra goodies and then you will be all set to go once the new toys appear. Just click below and stand by for green screens all the way with


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