It Ain’t Over Even If The Fat Lady Has Sung

Posted on May 25, 2011 by  

Whilst for most footballers the season is over, they have their bags packed and one eye on the beach. The life of a football trader never stops, thankfully. And there are always profits to be had, all 12 months of the year, as long as you have the right strategies of course!

Well we certainly have the strategies and just today we put 2 of them to very good use.

The “Adster Aperitif” and the brand new “Homer” trading strategies yielded two 1st half profits in our selected games.

Here are the halftime screenshots from the 2 games traded. Not bad for minimum stake trades and these really do start to add up.

So if you want some green screens like this all year round then hop over to where you will see that this is just 1 of the 13 proven profitable football trading strategies included within the site.

Not to mention the suite of trading videos, hints, tips and risk free profit guides etc…..etc….. Plus are now featuring Tennis, Horse Racing, Golf and Cricket so even more reasons to make this your most profitable summer ever.

The site again hope to see you in there soon!


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