Introducing MarketMatcher

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Fancy a sneeky peek? Go on you know you want too.

Yes here is it the world exclusive of our fantastic new trade finding search tool, MarketMatcher over at our sister site,

Choose from preset searches using our top strategies included within the site. Or make you own custom searches to find what games find your criteria. Either way this will save you hours manual work, giving you more time to spend on further game analysis, as well as turning up selections you may have otherwise missed (as has happened to us plenty of times already in testing – see here)

The software is now in its final testing phase and is “live” on the site for all members. Of course we are still making some minor ammendments behind the scenes for this, but we are almost there and of course we welcome all your feedback, questions and comments.

But for now take a look at it in action with this introduction video….

And here are some screenshots from inside the site using MarketMatcher….

Fig One – Preset Searches For Your Favourite Profitable Strategies From BettingSystemNotes

Fig Two – What Have We Found For Today Then

Fig Three – Opening One Of Our Selections To View The Current Markets

Fig Four – Onto The Next Game

Fig Five – Make Your Own Searches Using The Custom Search Facility

Fig Six – Here’s All The Odds On Home Favourites With £10K Matched On Match Odds On Today’s InPlay Card

Just click below and stand by for green screens all the way with


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