I Am Serious And Don’t Call Me Shirley

Posted on June 2, 2011 by  

Here is one of the most famous Shirley film moments.

And also over at Trading Football Towers Shirley is already making quite a name for herself (and she has not been officially released yet).

Shirley is the pre match price monitoring software that the pro traders over at Trading Football use to spot incorrect prices across all football markets on Betfair before a ball has even been kicked. This allows the traders to send out advice alerts to their members so they can jump on the wrong prices and lock in some pre match risk free profit positions.

The boys are planning on releasing this as a full blown alerting service in time for the new football season and are busy putting the software through it’s paces right now by providing alerts to their current subscribers. And as you will see below, Shirley is one hot mama!

Prematch trading software from Nugget Crew on Vimeo.

In fact I had a little dabble on the Champions League Final on the 0-1 correct score thanks to Shirley myself and locked in a very nice £250 to play with on the match. Which I could have hedged out for £20 all green before kick off.

Instead I too this inplay and combined it with another trade and free bet and locked in over £50 before halftime, brilliant stuff!

This is the real power of the pre match green it just gives you so many options to play with inplay and really make some very good risk free profits. I can’t wait for next season already.

To find out more about Shirley and all the other benefits of being a member of the Trading Football family just click below. Surely you won’t regret it. I am serious and don’t call me shirley!


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