How to Beat the Bookies with Niche Betting

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Just been handed a great article by Mike Bishop from Secret Betting Club on how you can look to beat the bookmakers by using specialists in certain overlooked sports and markets. And with the long summer months ahead, having an expert in Tennis, Golf, Cricket etc… in your corner will certainly give you an invaluable edge.

Take it away Mike…..

One of the best ways to make money betting is to focus on areas where the bookmakers are vulnerable and what we call ‘niche betting’.

In plain English, this means specialising in areas that the overworked and over stretched bookmaker odds compilers may not have time for.

For example, any bookie worth his salt knows all the inside outs of a Man United – Chelsea Champions League game, but how much would they know about Histon V Darlington, a game only 277 people will attend?

Taking this further:

• Do you know more than the bookies when it comes to French & Belgium cycling?
• How much more do you know about minor Golf or Tennis tournaments?
• How strong is your lower league Scottish Football expertise?
• National Hunt chase races – Is this a field you specialise in?

Often bookies simply don’t have the resources or depth of knowledge to cover every single sport or league. They still however price many of these events up and so are very vulnerable to ‘niche betting’ experts.
Niche Betting Experts, Tipsters & Forum Advice

We have long since championed niche betting and recently released our ‘Build Your Own Betting Niche’ article, written specifically for the Secret Betting Club by non-league football betting expert – Skeeve.

Skeeve is well known for being perhaps the best non-league football betting expert out and has been making fantastic profits for a number of years betting in the Blue Square leagues. Bookies hate him but SBC members love him!

His special niche betting guide shows you how to replicate his own success and it’s a great place to start learning about putting it all into practice.

That’s not all though as here at the Secret Betting Club we also feature advice from other specialist experts, review niche betting tipsters and feature free advice up on our members forum.

Check some of our Niche Betting features below…

Betting Expertise & Tipsters

• Cycling Betting – We have a new Cycling expert aboard at SBC in the form of ‘Wheelie’ who is sharing all his expert 2 wheel advice and the details on how he has made this sport pay. Just last weekend he highlighted a 150/1 winner in the ‘Paris Roubaix’ race in France on our members forum. Read more about his strategy in our latest issue and follow all his bets on the forum.

• Tennis – Last month we reviewed a very promising free tipster making great profits from mainly Tennis based advice. With so many Tennis players and tournaments, an expert knowledge in this sport can be very lucrative and this expert has made 160 pts profit from 270 bets since June 2010 on it.

• Scottish Lower League Football – One of the best performing tipsters in the past 12 months has been a tipster who knows a heck of a lot more about Scottish lower league football than many of the bookies do. This season he has made 229 pts profit from just 229 bets supplied.

• Live Football – One well known football tipster has been proofing advice supplied ‘in-play’ during football games and has got off to a flying start. In-play betting is growing very popular and this tipster is at the forefront of taking advantage of bookie mistakes as the game goes on. Find out more with our review of this live tipping service.

• Golf Betting – Recently we also released our new Golf Betting Strategy, showcasing one proven method of narrowing down large golf fields to select the most likely contenders. In just 23 golf tournaments at the end of 2010, this strategy made a 74 pt profit from just 130 pts staked.

On Our Members Forum

It’s not just the expert articles and tipster reviews that we produce here at SBC; many of our members are getting in on the act when it comes to niche betting. Many of them are posting their own expert bets on the SBC members forum on areas such as…

• Formula 1 – Follow the SBC member sharing advice based upon his thorough F1 based knowledge now that the new season has started.

• Racing Trades – Scott Armstrong AKA the Sportsman is posting all his racing trades up on the SBC forum for free until June 2011. He has an outstanding record trading since starting in December 2010.

• Aussie Rules – One Australian based member is now sharing all his advice for AFL or Aussie Rules football on the forum.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and as an SBC member you gain access to many more niche betting experts, tipsters and forum posts. As our members come from far and wide across the globe, there are countless sports that we can take advantage of!

Take up a Secret Betting Club membership today for full access to all our niche betting guides and strategies.

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“Of the SBC I would say it is well run, by individuals with their hearts in the right places. Nothing is affiliate driven and this ensures top quality information and reviews of services. The community adds value and the forum is remarkable. This is a publication and community to join, read, enjoy and participate in – you will develop better betting skills and learn of new investment opportunities
– DS. SBC member & Professional Gambler.

Best Regards,

Mike Bishop and Dan Jones
Co-editors, Secret Betting Club

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