How Big is Your Betfair Wad?

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Amaze your friends and show them you are a Betfair betting or trading god, hey you might even make it into the News of the World.

The guys over at Juicestorm have produced an excellent “make your own profits up” application. Born from all those systems that promise millions of easy £’s to your Betfair account every day of the week with their Photoshop P&L screens. Always seem to be priced at £37, £77 or £97 too!

Well now you can have your own P&L to boast about and all at the click of a mouse, love it! Right I am off to eBay to flog a few life changing horse racing lay systems!

This is one Lee at Juicestorm made earlier….wow nice trading!


Have a go yourself


One Comment on "How Big is Your Betfair Wad?"

  1. Juicestorm on Thu, 19th Feb 2009 10:47 am 

    Hi Darren, thanks for the add, we have recieved some flack for that post!

    Regards, Lee / Juicestorm

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