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If someone told you they could see into the future you would take that with a very large pinch of salt wouldn’t you?

Well I may have found someone who can do just that. Now he would be far too modest to make any such brash claims but look at an extract of an email I got on Saturday morning re the Grand National.


i) £8 Over 16 Finishers @ 15/8 boyles

ii) Via (First 6 home @ 1/4 odds)

£6 ew Ballabriggs
£5 ew Oscar Time
£4 ew Character Building
£3 ew Backstage
£2 ew Arbor Supreme
£1 ew Dooneys Gate

Pretty good advice yeah? One and Two in the National (and 19 finishers too). £6 ew Ballabriggs / £5 ew Oscar Time, not a bad 180/1 forecast that!

I was just on Ballabriggs myself, but this was advised a while back with the first mention of this horse on 15th March during Cheltenham when he said….

Many of you may scoff at Ballabriggs but pray tell me any Trainer with a better record at Aintree than the McCain(s)

You see futuristic.

Who are we talking about? Mike Marsland FCA, a former Chartered Accountant, turned full time professional horse racing and sports betting strategist and founder of the Big Mike’s Betting Service

And it not just all about the horses. We also had a very clever “Portfolio Trade” on the US Masters which left us all green before the 4 round had even started the you start to see why we rate this excellent private membership service so highly. It was a very nice weekend all round.

Click Here to Listen to Mike’s interview about how he operates with Mike Bishop from Secret Betting Club (that’s a lot of Mike’s on the mics)

We will be featuring alot more about Mystic Big Mike and his strategic betting methods in the coming weeks, but to take a sneak peek at what he is all about (and pick up a free copy of his brilliant Strategic Betting Masterclass ebook 142 pages including 17 of his most profitable bets and trading strategies), just click below….

I predict a profitable future for all who do!


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