An Arb-tastic Exclusive Offer

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We have teamed up with the number one sports arbitrage company UCantLose to provide everyone with a very special exclusive offer.

*** UPDATE ***

Look at some of the arb alerts sent out between the 9th and 15th March, arbtastic !!

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Join UCantLose for five days for just £5. This £5 trial is a full subscription and you will receive every arb they find within seconds of them being found. There has never been a better time to join UCantLose and see for yourself just how good their service really is.


Join during March and UCantLose will give you a free 12 month subscription to Gambling Online Magazine. This magazine cost £2.99 in the shops so you are making a saving of £35.88, not to mention the convenience of having each issue delivered direct to your door.

Five days for a fiver and and a 12 months free subscription, well you really cannot lose, can you!

UCantLose is going from strength to strength and their subscribers are reaping the rewards. If you had bet a total of £1,000 on every arb they sent during February 2009 you would have made a profit of £4,244.80!

UCantLose is a leading provider of Sports Arbitrage Alerts (also known as arbs). Their arbs do not rely on complex formulae or computer programs to trick websites, they are based on simple common sense.

An arb occurs when bookies have different opinions on the result of a sporting event or they simply make an error when calculating the odds they should offer. When this happens YOU can benefit by betting on all possible results to guarantee a profit.

Membership numbers are limited so when an arb is sent, thousands of people are not rushing to get money on, which means that the odds stay available for longer – this is very important!

You are guaranteed to receive at least 50 arbs per month, but the actual amount is always much higher. In the unlikely event that you do not receive 50 arbs in a month your subscription fee will be refunded.

Just click on the logo below to join UCantLose and start making a profit today.

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5 Comments on "An Arb-tastic Exclusive Offer"

  1. Will Webb on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 9:16 pm 

    I’ve tried UCantLose. Some of the arbs are good other aren’t.
    I found them to be a good place to start.

  2. Darren Hall on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 9:24 pm 

    I agree Will, this is the perfect place to start and for a fiver you can’t go wrong!

  3. Mike Morris on Wed, 4th Mar 2009 10:40 pm 

    Interesting! Great minds think alike. I was just moving my interests into Arbs and up pops this offer – nice one Darren. By the way Will, what kind of percentages do they average or is it very mixed?

  4. ronal on Tue, 10th Mar 2009 5:29 pm 

    this is a great site thanks for the advice darren. for my £5 trial period im already £60 up after 1 1/2 days

    i narrowly missed out on a 65% arb on egyptian football today, but ended up £50 up thanks to a few BlueSQ north matches (after a bit of initial panicking)

    good site, just dont get carried away wacking down thousand pound bets as you may find out that a bookie changes their odds and you have to frantically work out what to do to ensure you dont make a loss!

  5. Chris O'Bee on Thu, 19th Mar 2009 7:23 am 

    A good tip for ensuring you don’t lose the value is that generally it will only be one or two firms offering too long odds and the rest will be fairly much what you would expect so place the bet with the bookie(s) offering over the odds first. You should then have little problem placing the bet at the expected odds so no need to worry about bookies changing the odds! One other possible fly in the ointment might be if a bookie turns around after you have placed the bet and says the odds were wrong and hides behind the “palpable error” clause. This is most likely when you have a very large discrepancy with just one firm and is something to be wary of.

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