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There is no “I” in “TEAM” as anyone who attended a corporate team bonding bullsh*t session will have no doubt heard said.

But when it comes to trading, for example, and the position goes against you, then what would prefer to do, go it alone like a rabbit in headlights or surround yourself with a room full of experience offering ideas and strategies.

Update: More profits from the boys!

Yesterday roundup – ATL BILBAO v REAL MADRID

Trade: CunderS

Back Under 2.5 £14
Back 0-3 £4 1-3 £6 2-2 £7 AUQ £10

Real took a 2-0 lead after just 20 mins thus ensuring our trade was near guaranteed safe. The insurance taken pre-match on Under 2.5 was all but lost at this point but we had weighted the initial stakes towards a comprehensive Real victory.
So at this point the trade is effectively about managing your position. That is, how we can be sure we don`t lose and how can we maximise potential profits. 1-2 late in the game was the most obvious danger which we were on the point of covering @ 12.0 for £2 when Ronaldo (who had fluffed an earlier penalty) made it 3-0. Now we simply had to green up on the Correct Score market & LAY some of our available green on 0-3/1-3/2-2/AUQ.

Profit: £12 = 28%


The Nags Room
21 selections (back to lays)
12 winners
9 losers

£30 profit using £10 stakes

We are now covering afternoon & evening meetings and all trial members have free access to this trading room too. On the main navigation menu click on Members Area > chat rooms > Nags Room

This week’s Champions League semi finals showed exactly why when it comes to trading, more heads are better than one as the boys over at Trading Football helped all their members secure profits on both games.

Here are the transcripts, from their pre match analysis and post match round up (that you receive in a daily email as part of the service) and this demonstrates perfectly how having access to the resources on the site, especially the live chat area, the Green Room, can guide you through any trading scenario….


Pre Match

I have been pouring over the myriad of stats available. Too many to list but here are some which did stand out after my 4th cup of coffee this morning

o In the past 40 semi-final matches played (home & away and over 2 legs) no team has ever won by more than 3 goals. Only Man Utd have scored 4 in one match
o Chelsea have the best record in CL competition v Barcelona having W4 D4 L3
o Five of the last six H2Hs have contained fewer than three goals
o Barcelona have failed to keep a clean sheet in 5/6 CL games

Based on the above let`s go for the following:

Trade: CunderS

BACK UNDER 2.5 £20
BACK 2-1 £6
BACK 3-1 £7
BACK 2-2 £3

Post Match Summary

A few days ago I posted in the Green Room that I didn`t care who wins as long as the traders do. With the score at 2-1, Chelsea already down to 10 men and Messi stepping up to take a penalty in 55th minute it looked like curtains for both The Blues and us.

However, Messi`s miss, mystifying & marvellous in equal measure, gave us a dog`s chance.

Before this however, we had taken evasive action at HT and some members took the option to exit the trade for a £9 loss, heedful of the carnage a red card can do to a trade. Some stayed in and it was great to see so many different suggestions being put forward. Zeto`s Lay U4.5 was one, reducing red incrementally was another……….and then, with the score at 2-1 in injury time, Charlie, a recent addition to the TF community, piped up with a classic “how about LAY Barca @ 1.05?” Those of us not totally exhausted by the dramatic, fantastic performance by Chelsea, followed this advice. Mr Torres cooly obliged to make it 2-2. This trader added £100 to his Betfair account.


Not quite so much pouring over the stats for this game as was the case in last night`s other semi-final, I feel Real`s home supremacy will see the Spaniards through

o Real have won 10/11 CL games at the Bernabeu
o All six of Bayern’s away games, including a qualifier in Zurich, have stayed Under 2.5 Goals.
o Bayern have lost the last 4 encounters away to Real
o Bayern have drawn only one of their last 30 Champions League games
o Under Mourinho, Real have scored Over 2.5 Goals on their own in 8/11 at the Bernabeu and only once – in defeat to Barcelona last season – failed to score twice.


BACK 2-1 £5

Post Match Summary

The trade & Real got off to a flyer with the score 2-0 after 16 mins.

6 mins: 1-0 Advised LAY Real Madrid in Match Odds @ 1.23 £25
14 mins: 2-0 No move made at this point
27 mins: 2-1 No move made at this point
65 mins: 2-1 Advised BACK 3-2 @ 7.6 £3

Final result: 2-1
Trade P/L : £10 green (to single stakes)

The early goal put us in a comfortable position enabling us to cheaply cover the €25 liability in AHcp market by laying Real in Match Odds. Someone rightly asked why we didn’t lay our AHcp market. At the time, the prices in that market were too poor. It was safer & quicker to lay RM at suitable & comparable odds in Match Odds market.

Tip: When trading two markets simultaneously, always keep a continuous up to date P/L figure. An old fashioned pen & paper will work as good as software! This enables you to work out your best & worst possible scenarios. Then you can spot easily what are your danger scorelines and react accordingly

And don’t forget the boys over at Trading Football had continued their fantastic 14 day FREE trial of their fantastic membership service we just had to tell everyone about it.

And just look at what you get for, well, er, nothing!

Video content and educational tools are what the guys are all about. Each video and strategy is a careful step by step explanation each scenario, with entry and exit points and invaluable tips & pointers as each trade unfolds.

It is like having a professional trader, right there, in the room with you. In fact pop into the live chat rooms and you will, dozens of them!

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